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Adding DIY glitter nail ideas are an excellent method to embellish any nail design and make it immediately happy. This post will cover twenty glitter cool nail ideas with glitter as well as glitter nails designs 2019; those have a bright, glistening nail look for every time.

Nail Ideas with Glitter


30 Nail Ideas with Glitter

1.  Disco Fever Nail Ideas with Glitter:

Disco Fever Nail Ideas with Glitter

Paint the base through red, silver, and gold then include a little sparkle on an excellent effect. The excellent nail for a night on occasion.

2. Blue Glitter Nailswith Night Sky Design:

Blue Glitter Nails with Night Sky Design


The color combination of a loaded deep blue with the gold foil emphasizes makes for a beautiful (and super easy!) look to restore
3. Sparks Fly Nail Ideas with Glitter:

Sparks Fly Nail Ideas with Glitter

Halo glitter appears stunning and clean over a polished nail. The look is very easy to remake and offers beautiful sparkle to daily life.

4. Glittery Pink Nails:

Glittery Pink Nails

For those still on the barrier about sparkle nails, this negative pink glitter nails acrylic lines shimmer with naked nails.

5. The Holiday Spirit Nail Art Ideas:

Holiday Spirit Nail Art Ideas

The higher amount of burgundies balancing with bright silver make a luxe winter feeling.

6. Current Mood Nail Ideas with Glitter:

Current Mood Nail Ideas with Glitter

The perfect nail to grab whatever feeling you’re in. Paint your whole nails with gold glitter and then try drawing cheerful faces on one set of nails and glares on the other.

7. Winter Snow Nail Ideas with Glitter:
Winter Snow Nail Ideas with Glitter


This looks like you dipped your finger tops in brisk snow. Apply silver and gold foil on a make base coat. You can create layers on the tops for a splashing result.
8. Starry Night Nail Ideas with Glitter:

Starry Night Nail Ideas with Glitter

Spread black polish with glittering stars for a night theme.

9. Diamond Deluxe Nail Ideas with Glitter:

Diamond Deluxe Nail Ideas with Glitter


This diamond design gets your ordinary nail the star of the show. Tape off the middle diamond and include glitter to the remaining of your nail. Besides, you can change designs with every nail for a more difficult and complex design.
10. Silver Cuffs Glitter Nail Design:

Silver Cuffs Glitter Nail Design

Include a silver cuff to your nail bases for a French manicure pitched on its top.

11. Ziggy Stardust Nail Art:

Ziggy Stardust Nail Art


Most important Ziggy Stardust vibrations. First of all, apply tape to isolate parts and paint portions of glitter for a glittery jumpy design. The only thing that remains is becoming a rock myth.

12. Fun Fetti GlitterNails:

Fun Fetti GlitterNails


Be happy by creating your nails just like ten tiny birthday cakes? Jump with a chewing gum pink basis coating and then finish with a bit of colourful sprinkles-like glitter.

13. Not-So-Basic French Tip Glitter Fade:

French Tip Glitter Fade


Start with standard French, leave it to dry, after that paint over a third of every nail with shining gold polish.

14. Crystal Magic Glitter Nail Art:

Crystal Magic Glitter Nail Art


Pastels are generally transferred to spring but darker days need lightening up, therefore here we are. To bring alike Easter egg ombre, try painting the design onto a makeup sponge, and then push it onto every nail. Beautify the lower half of every nail with sparkling glitter and rock crystal.

15. Ruby Slippers Cute Nail designs Easy:

Ruby Slippers Cute Nail designs Easy


If you hardly know your way about a nail polish bottle, think about something less striving, but no less attention-grabbing. Similar to this directly sparkling crimson enamel.

16. Marble Magic Glitter Nails:

Marble Magic Glitter Nails


You think, huh? Tell it about your hands. You can ask professionals to remake this valuable -looking design or homemade nail stickers and a gold glitter tip nails polish painted as well as the cuticle.

17. Put a Ring on Nail:

Put a Ring on Nail


After using a base paint, draw the outer surface of the nail through a very thin line of golden polish.

18. Tie a Ribbon Glitter Nail Art Ideas:

Tie a Ribbon Glitter Nail Art Ideas


Match a gift theme with this ribbon adorned design. After using a base coat of thick white polish (or any color you want), draw a couple of shiny gold decorations across every nail applying a nail pen.

19. Gilded Nude Glitter Nail Designs:

Gilded Nude Glitter Nail Designs


Spark up an indifferent polish by punctuating the tops and shields with meticulously positioned golden glitters.

20. Gilt Complex Nail Art:

Gilt Complex Nail Art


Continue gold with this creative idea. Paint a conceptual design in black on top of a polished gold base and expand the luxe appears right down to your mid finger.