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Maroon Nails with Design: Are you looking for the perfect color for your nails? Then why not go for a maroon?

If you want something stunning and dashing for your nails, then maroon nails with design may be your right choice.

You can also glam it up or down for any special event. This multipurpose color can match up with everyday uses as well as for a night on the town.

Finally, for the forthcoming fall and winter season, this color is the most suitable option.

So, check out the 23 of the fascinating maroon nails with design that you can try this fall. You’ll love them all!

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Maroon Nails with Design

23 Cute Maroon Nails with Design

  1. Cute Stiletto Maroon Nails

Why not start with something simple and stunning? Here the sharp stiletto nails are shaded with a rich and dark maroon. This beautiful and multipurpose mani is also easy to wear. No matter if it’s everyday events or occasions like parties and nights out, you can wear nails like this anywhere. You will also find this mani easy to recreate.

  1. Ombre Maroon  Maroon Color Nails 

If a little glitz and glamour is your type, then check out this design. The nails here are kept coffin-shaped. Most of the nails are simply maroon while other is silver, and on the last nails, we can see a maroon and silver glitter ombre. The maroon silver combo is so glamorous! And needless to say, the beauty of the glitter popes ups the look. Go for something like, or you can exclude the glitter ombre and only keep the silver and maroon.

  1. Maroon and Gold Nails Design

Don’t worry if you have shorter nails maroon will great on them too. We have super short nails in this look, some of them having a dark maroon while two of them are wrapped with gold glitter. This pretty and gorgeous design is also easy to wear. Try to recreate this look, or instead of gold, you can go for silver.

  1. Glitzy Ombre Maroon Nails

Glitzy Ombre Maroon Nails

We love this nail idea because it’s so glitzy and stunning! In this mani, the nails are kept square-shaped and are shaded with ironic and silky maroon. After that, glitter is used close to the nail base, which completes the look and forms a glitzy maroon ombre nails. Thanks to OPI Guys And Galaxies and Leet Your Love Shine for creating this gorgeous mani.

  1. Glossy Maroon Coffin Nails

If you are looking for something simple, then this your perfect design. This mani features mid-length coffin nails, which are painted with one glossy maroon shade. This design is so sweet and gorgeous, and it will match up with anyone. Don’t worry if you have longer nails; it will also look perfect on them.

  1. Edgy Maroon Mani

Why not go for something edgy? Here we have longer coffin shaped nails, with one nail having a metallic maroon, the next one matte, followed by a maroon tip, and the last one has a glitter. The glitter and creamy red combo are mind-blowing, and the matte finish creates an edgy look. Without any doubt, it is a magnificent mani, and it will be an excellent choice for nights out.

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  1. Stiletto Nails with Drips

We yet have another sharp stiletto mani in our collection, and it is one of our favorites. Here the sharp stiletto nails are colored with maroon, and some of them are glossy while a few are matte. We can also see drips on one nail. For occasions like Halloween, this drip art is a perfect idea, or even if there isn’t an occasion, you can try out this design to try something unique. On youtube, you can find tutorials on a drip, and so you can try this yourself. If you want something chic and straightforward autumn, then you can recreate this mani without the drips.

  1. Stylish Nails with a Star Charm

To blow your mind, we have more magnificent nail arts in our collection. Here we have matte maroon on three of the nails and a red nail featuring glam gold nail art. But the part we love the most is the maroon nails with gold one. This maroon nails matte idea is extraordinary! You can purchase small dangling charms for your nails, and there are online tutorials on how to attach them to your nails.

  1. Long and Trendy Maroon Nails

In this mani, we have long, trendy nails for you. To create this look, keep your nails square-shaped and color each of them with a matte and rich shade of maroon. The most amazing part is these kinds of designs are very easy to wear and will look great on anyone. Try to recreate the whole mani, and you can also go for the shorter form, which is as much stunning as this.

  1. Glossy and Matte Maroon Nails

Glossy and Matte Maroon Nails

Check out this one if you are looking for a beautiful and sophisticated way of applying maroon. The mani features gorgeous coffin shaped nails. Some nails are glossy and attractive, while others include matte texture, which is also on-trend. The tiny shining rhinestones complete the look. For special events like festivals, a glamorous maroon matte nails design like this will be a perfect choice.

  1. Maroon and Gold Nail Design

maroon and gold glitter nail design

If you are eager to see a maroon nails with glitter look, then we have more for you. For this look, most of the nails are painted with glossy maroon, with one as an exception. On the accent nail, we have gold glitter. A mani like this one will match up with any event because it’s light enough for everyday uses yet dashing enough for other occasions. Rather than gold, you can also use maroon and silver nails glittery color.

  1. Simple Maroon Nails Idea

This is one looks simple, but yet it is mind-blowing! Like coffin and stiletto nails, maroon also looks excellent on rounder shapes like this one. The color here used is glamorous, elegant, and praise-worthy. An oval-shaped nail like this is classical and everlasting.

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  1. Matte and Glitter Nail Design

Matte and Glitter Nail Design

If you want to try different textures like matte, then this design is for you. In this mani, the nails are kept stylish coffin-shaped, and they also include textures like glossy, matte, and glitter, which are on-trend. Glamorous nail art like this one will match up with everyone, and people will surely envy you when they see this sophisticated design on your nails.

  1. Cute Nail Art Idea for Short Nails

Maroon looks great with other colors also. In this mani, we can see how to apply brighter colors with this extravagant shade. In this mani, the short nails are colored with maroon, mustard, and nude colors. We also have a floral design and also golden designs. The mustard and maroon combination are fantastic because they look so stunning too on-trend. Try to recreate the whole look, or you can have the mustard and maroon on their own to make it look simple.

  1. Maroon Stiletto Nails

Want a nail design that will make people wonder? Check out this one. The mani includes sharp and stiletto nails. A variety of designs are used here, such as simple block color and also the glitter. A stylish design like this one will surely make the crowd envy you.

  1. Stylish Nail Art

Are you looking for a stylish nail design? Then you should try this one. In this look, the nails are coffin-shaped, and a handful of designs are applied here like simple maroon, glitter, and beautiful white and maroon art. This sweet, funny, and glamorous nail idea will look great on anyone. Try to recreate it or use one or two designs.

  1. Perfect Fall Nail Idea

Our love for simple designs yet made us present another one for you. In this look, we have short nails that are shaded with matte maroon. We can also two accent nails that have dark gold leaves. It is also those easy to wear nail ideas. And for seasons like fall and winter, the dark maroon nails matte shade will be a great choice. So, it would be best if you tried this when the season changes. Recreate the whole look or apply the matte on a different nail shape or length.

  1. Glittery Nail Designs Maroon

If maroon glitter nails are your favorite, then you may want to try this one. Some of the nails here are kept nude with glitter nail art, and one nail is fully wrapped in glitter. The tips and the botanical design transfixed our eyes! This mani gives us a unique vibe. You can go for glossy polish instead of the glitter, or you can recreate the whole mani.

  1. Nude and Glitter Ombre

In this nail art, we have a stunning ombre! Here the majority of the nails feature matte maroon, and we also have one nude nail. Some of the nails are also sprinkled with gold glitter that generates a glitzy ombre vibe. It is an excellent option for special occasions like parties, proms, etc. Rather than gold, you can also go for silver glitter.

  1. Trendy Maroon Nail Art

This one is one of our favorites because it looks so classic, chic, and trendy. So, to create the look, the nails are kept long and square-shaped.

We can also see three different maroon tones on the nails. Some of the nails are kept dark and silky, one is kept lighter, and the last one is shaded with metallic purple. The color combination is stunning, and you can also try out each color separately.

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  1. Maroon Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

If you want the crowd to stare at your nails, then try out this design. Here we can see coffin-shaped nails that have gorgeous maroon shade. We also have an accent nail that is wrapped with silver rhinestones. The rhinestones certainly give a glitzy and glamorous vibe. Flatback rhinestones can be purchased online; all you have to do is attach them to your nails with the help of nail glue.

  1. Glitter and Glam Maroon Nails

We have another nail design that will give you a glittery and glamorous vibe. We have maroon on the majority of the nails, and we also two sparkling nails. The sparkling nails have more of a golden touch, and the overall mani is spectacular. For occasions like nights out and parties, this gorgeous mani will be a perfect choice. We also recommend trying this design on stiletto nail shape because it will look magnificent on them too.

  1. Striking Maroon Mani

We end our journey with something striking and elegant. Here the long and square-shaped nails are colored with silky maroon. If you are looking for something bold and trending, we recommend you try this maroon nails with design. Because of the color and the shape, the crowd will indeed stare at you. You can also add glitter or rhinestones or keep it simple.