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If you love putting on ombre nail arts, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have got 23 different ways to wear blue ombre nails, which are sure to make a statement.

We have featured these blue ombre nail arts because they look good on anyone.

Blue is a color that complements other colors as well as being comfortable to wear.

There are a vast number of classy nail arts that are based on the color blue.

So, blue is a must if you want to keep up with the trend. Have a look below and find out which one fascinates you the most.

ombre nails

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Ombre Nails Designs 2020

  1. Icy Blue Ombre Nails

Firstly, we have this “icy blue ombre nails” design that gives out a cool vibe. In the beginning, the nails start off with nude color and then turn into a sensational icy blue color. This design is mostly loved for its versatility. It definitely suits any event and season. If you want to spice up the look a little bit, do it with some rhinestones.

  1. Dark Blue Stiletto Nails

Blue is simply the best color to create amazing nail arts. It complements not only different colors but also is easy to wear. How about a black and blue combo this time? The large stiletto shaped nails contain blue and black glitter ombre, and the others have a sparkly design. Why don’t you try it for yourself and see the result? We guarantee you; it will certainly make a statement.

  1. French and Blue Ombre

Up next, we have a nail art idea that is based on two vivid ombre arts. Some of your nails will have the ever-popular ombre nails French, and the rest of them will have a nude mixed with blue ombre. Both ombre nail arts are sure to look good together. Try recreating with other colors. Use a more light shade of blue in summer/spring and more dark colors in fall/winter.

  1. Elegant Nail Design

This nail art is one of our favorites, and it’s quite stylish as well. Two nails must be glittery blue, and one must be nude with a shiny V tip, the other one will have the ombre effect. The ombre looks so good with other nail arts. You can create the whole look for yourself or only the ombre with some rhinestones.

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  1. Matte Blue Nails with an Ombre Accent Nail

Why don’t you try matte this time? All coffin-shaped nails are painted in light blue except for one. The accent nail as a blue tip, and the shade eventually transforms into silver glitter. Plus, adorable little stars are there too in this design. This idea is loved mostly by people for the trendy matte shade and the ombre. Finally, we guess you found your ideal nail design!

  1. Bold Pointy Nails

In this nail art, we have long stiletto nails that have a bold ombre nail art. Most of them are sparkly, some have the excellent glitter, and the rest possess the sequin style sparkle. Rhinestones are used to adorn the nails further. The brilliant blue shade and all the flashy jewelry does make your nails stand out. Recreate this look by applying a different blue shade. By the way, gold and dark blue look astonishing with such designs.

  1. Dark Blue and Nude Nail Idea

Check this next nail design out, it requires you to paint your nails into a nude shade and then it gradually blends into a dark blue shade! And that too, at the tip of the nail! This look also has a shiny accent nail. The rich dark blue shade looks astounding and makes anyone fall madly in love with it. Try this look on a night out, or maybe an event?

  1. Stylish Ombre Mani

If you are interested in bright nail arts, this one’s for you. This nail design also gives out a summery vibe. The nails will have a pink-blue ombre. In the beginning, the nails start off with a gorgeous shade of pink and slowly convert into a blue shade. You can also recreate this in your own way, why not use pastel colors for spring and darker colors for winter/fall?

  1. Mint Blue and Pink Ombre Nails

Up next, we have featured another bright manicure on this article, which you might like. This Ombre nails pink art utilizes bold colors and shiny glitter that look so good on nails. In here, a few nails will have nude-light blue ombre paint, and the rest of them will have an ombre nails clear to pink and blue shade.

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  1. Blue Chrome Nails

In this nail art, coffin nails are featured. What basically happens is, you start with a nude shade, and eventually, the shade transforms into vivacious blue chrome. The chrome does spice up the nude shade and surely looks astounding. This nail art also looks exceptional on stiletto nails.

  1. Gorgeous Blue and Black Ombre

There was a black, and blue ombre design discussed earlier in this post. You need to check this out if you loved that one. Here, long nails are painted in black along with a shiny blue ombre. This look is absolutely stunning. Save it for a special occasion where you want to look exceptionally well.

  1. Blue Ombre and Butterflies

Brighten up your day with this nail art! This time, coffin nails are painted in a light pink shade and blue shade ombre. On the accent nail, you can see cute little butterflies. The butterflies go so well with the nail art and enhance its beauty.

  1. Light Blue and White

Up next, here’s another blue and ombre nails white design. This time, it’s not only for hands but for feet as well! The blue ombre looks astonishing on the feet and hands. If you are going out on a picnic in summer, make sure you wear this nail art!

  1. Matte Ombre Nails

Do you like matte ombre designs? If yes, then considering checking this out! To bring this look, every nail will have identical bases, nude-light blue ombre, and there will be two accent nails as well. This manicure will look absolutely amazing on anyone.

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  1. Bold Blue Nails with Rhinestones

Do you like wearing bright ombre nails colors? Check this out if you do. Although the maximum of the nails has different designs, all have a vibrant blue color. The brightness of this nail art is enough to wow anyone. Paint some nails only in blue, while others in a more sparkly design and others in rhinestone and ombre pattern. Try recreating this look by putting rhinestone + ombre on all your nails.

  1. Pastel Ombre

Next, we have this nail design, which is composed of beautiful pastel colors. Here, the long stiletto nails are designed with a light and soft shade of pink. Eventually, the color changes into a pastel blue shade. This is a bright and vibrant manicure that will amaze the people around you. Why don’t you wear this at the next wedding you are going to attend?

  1. Trendy Chrome Ombre Nails

The “Trendy Chrome Ombre Nails” is another favorite of ours. To create this look, some of your nails must be painted in matte blue, and the other in a vivid chrome ombre pattern. It is such a modern design, and the colors compliment each other perfectly. This fun, ombre nail art idea will surely suit anyone with any nail shape/length.

  1. Blue Ombre For Short Nails

If you have short nails, this one’s made for you. This nail art looks particularly amazing on short nails. The color combo of blue and black for the ombre is just breathtaking. This makes it a more adorable and effortless design to make. Try recreating this with different colors if you have longer nails.

  1. Bright Blue Ombre Glitter Nails

This nail art contains so much variety that anyone will fall instantly in love with it! When some nails contain a bright blue shade, another one is painted in nude, the following one is glittery and the last one, blue and nude combined. This is a perfect example of not wearing the Ombre nails with glitter in every nail but still looks stunning.

  1. Vertical Ombre Nails Designs
Vertical Ombre Nails Designs


This nail design is unique. We usually horizontally see ombre color, but this time, it is the opposite. As you can see, the colors go in entirely different ways, one goes all the way down, and another contains a different shade. Only by changing the direction, you can achieve a unique and exceptional look. Get ready to become an absolute trendsetter with this nail art.

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  1. Chic Nail Idea

Next, we have a nude and light Ombre nails blue art. The combo of the nail shape and the shades makes it such beautiful nail art. This manicure is so easy to wear! Recreate this look in your way; you can even spice it up by adding embellishments such as rhinestones.

  1. Rhinestone Ombre

At times, the ombre is better off without a solid color. The two-tone look can also be created with random embellishments. In this look, the ombre is created with rhinestones! All the nails are painted in white along with an accent nail that has blue rhinestones. It certainly makes your nails look glamorous and gives it a trendy touch. These rhinestones are widely available online. Recreate this look by placing rhinestones on all nails.

  1. Different Shades of Blue

By the title of this design, you might get the idea that this one is something out of the box. Here, a range of blue shades are applied. Two of your nails will have a dark blue glittery look, while the others will have a nude-blue ombre nails design. If you love all of the shades of blue and are confused to choose between them, this nail art is specially made for you. The combo of colors in this nail art does suit the winter season too.