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French manicures are one of the trendiest manicures nowadays, but have you heard about a different version of American manicure? Does American manicure ring a bell? There are two different ways to wear this pretty look. You might be wondering- “what’s the difference?” Well, everyone has their opinion, and they will give you a variety of answers. Our job is to make it as easier as possible for you.

American Manicure

French Vs. American Manicure:

There are more natural colors present in American manicures.

Unlike the strikingly pink and white shades in French manicures, you will see off white along with nude tones.

French nails usually have an extremely bright tip, and they always make a statement.

In American nails, the tips appear to be more natural. The tips are smaller, some have a blended look, and there are also round shaped nails.

The main difference is that the American nails look rather natural and subtle than that of the French manicures.

You can opt to wear the design for many events such as weddings and choose a variety of art for your nails too.

It looks like you know the difference, how about we take a look at 23 beautiful American manicures now?

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  1. Classic American Mani:

First, here is this classic American nail art for you. For this look, the nails are mid-length with a subtle color for the base, along with soft tips. It’s evident how this nail looks so chic and is pretty easy to wear. These nails will look stunning on anyone. Any nail length can be used.

  1. Nude Nail Color and Floral Art:

Now and then American manicures might have nude tips. The next nail art idea highlights a fantastic way to wear varied tone tips.  The nails will have two different natural colors, but there is a little difference in the tip. One nail on either hand will be adorned with a chic purple-colored flower. Along with the flower, the whole nail art looks so elegant! You can recreate a nail art like this at home; you can also opt not to have the flower.

  1. Shimmery Nail Design:

You can apply the soft pink shades for the base in an American manicure, leaving out the vivid white tip. If you are wearing pink, you must choose a tip color that will be neutral. For this look, the nails will have a light pink shade along with an off white color for the tip. Every nail is decorated in Born Pretty Flakies, to give them a shinier look.

  1. Short And Easy To Wear Nails:

If you don’t like your nails long, you can opt for this nail art. In this nail art, short and trendy nails are featured. All of the nails are painted in a light color for the base, along with a light cream white tip. This manicure shows much versatility and will look adorable on most of the occasions.

  1. American Mani with a Rhinestone Accent Nail:

Similar to the French manicures, you can also decorate your American manicure! How about rhinestones? Yes, the American nails will look equally amazing when rhinestones are used. The nails will have a subtle tip color, and there will also be one accent nail which will contain the rhinestones. The rhinestones always look gorgeous! Wear this nail art to a special event such as a wedding.

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  1. Wild Leopard Mani with Nude Tips:

How about adding some cool colors this time? For this look, you have to have nude nails along with colored tips. The surprise is, each nail will have a gorgeous leopard pattern on them! The leopard print looks delightful on American manicures too! You can also have a leopard accent nail.

  1. Cute Flower Nail Art:

The next one is quite pretty and adorable! In this look, the nails appear to be natural, with yellow and white flower patterns painted on them. The flowers certainly spice up the classic manicure. You can recreate this design by using stencils for the flowers. You can even hand-paint the flowers by checking out tutorials.

  1. Long and Stylish Nails:

Next, we have this different version of the French manicure, which has the same stylish look. It is apparent that we don’t have the bright tips this time. In its place, we have an American look! This manicure is much loved for its versatility. You can choose different nail lengths, and this manicure would still stun people!

  1. American Mani with Bling:

If you like rhinestone nail arts, then this one’s definitely for you. For this look, the nails will have a round shape, with nude shade and light white tips. It’s not necessary for an American manicure to have rounder nails; you can choose any shape you like. But if you like round shapes, then why not try out this one? There is one accent nail in this design, which is adorned with a huge gemstone.

  1. Simple American Manicure:

Next, we have an elegant manicure to show you. The nails this time will have a cute white tip along with a light nude color for the base. This manicure is the perfect example of how much nail arts look glamorous with nude colors. Feel free to recreate this look by choosing warmer nude shades.

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  1. Chic Nail Design with a Pearl Effect:

If you are a nail art enthusiast, then you must know about ombre nail arts. In this nail art, the colors are the same, but they are craftily blended to create an awesome ombre look. You can do this with American manicures as well! You just have to go with natural shades. This nail art shows an American ombre nail art idea, which has a pearl effect on the top! It looks so stunning and modern that you can wear this to a party or even a night out!

  1. Glam Stiletto Nails:

Here is one more American manicure nails with a mixture of color between the base and the tip. The glamorous stiletto nails will have a light white tip along with a soft nude tone. There is also an accent nail on each hand adorned with rhinestones! This is such a gorgeous design, and you can wear this to special occasions such as weddings and parties.

  1. Subtle American Manicure:

Do you like wearing subtle manicures? If yes, then try this one out. For this look, the short nails will have a nude color for the base along with white tips. Keep it elegant and stylish with this manicure. You can also opt to create this design on longer nails. Needless to say, this manicure is one of our favorites.

  1. Classic Mani with Nude Tips:

Previously in this article, we presented to you an American manicure that had nude tips. Have a look at this one if that one interested you. This one is a much shorter version. In this look, the nails contain a nude color for the base with natural tips, which are also nude. This manicure is so trendy and elegant!

  1. Elegant and Trendy Nail Art:

Modern nail arts are a must-have nowadays. Hence, here is another modern and voguish nail art that might fascinate you. For this look, the base of the nails must have a light color and have round tips too. Three of your nails will have a classic appearance, while the rest two will have a distinctively unique and shimmery nail paint. This design surely makes a statement and, at the same time, gives out a glamorous vibe.

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  1. Bold Accent Nail Idea:

Ready for a bold accent nail with the American version? For this look, you have to paint all the nails in American nail art, and the accent nail will have sparkly stripes with a red shade. The bold shades look mesmerizing when combined with the American shades. You can choose to create your own accent nail!

  1. Long Nails with Glitzy Embellishments:

This manicure will help people To create this look, paint the long nails in a soft base color, with tips. Two of your nails will be decorated with gorgeous embellishments. The gold and the gems, whenever put in a manicure, successfully create a glamorous look.

  1. Short and Stylish Nails:

The next look is quite short and, at the same time, cute! All of the nails will be painted in low-key colors. This manicure looks so stunning and trendy! You can choose to paint this nail art on any nail length, and it will still not fail to amaze you!

  1. Chic Mani with a Floral Accent Nail:

If you love floral designs, this one’s for you! The gorgeous nails will have a floral accent nail this time, and the accent nail will be decorated with embellishments as well! Go for this design if you want a bold look. You can either use stickers or hand-paint the flowers for yourself. Both ways, the manicure looks extraordinary!

  1. Stunning and Simple Nails:

The next one gives out a stylish vibe. The nails are all mid-length, and they have a base that is light pink, along with an ivory white color for the tip! The products used for this manicure were Farmasi Nail Enamel no.12, Sally Hensen Maximum Growth Base Coat, Essence cosmetics Gel look Top Coat, and FloramarTurkiye Nail Enamel in Snow White.

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  1. Soft American Mani with Rhinestones:

Ombre looks are loved by everyone, and we know you love them too. The nails have a light American ombre look, and there is also a single nail that is adorned with flashy rhinestones! The rhinestones enhance the elegance of the whole look. You could also create this design on rounder nail shapes; it would look equally astounding.

  1. Cute Nail Idea:

This cute nail art up next might be what you were looking for! The nails have adorable tips that are pretty easy to wear. Also, there is an accent nail that features black dragonfly art! You can use stencils/stickers to create this manicure for yourself. You can also recreate this look by painting something else instead of the dragonfly!

  1. American Mani with Glitter and Chrome:

This last nail art is quite statement-making and modern. For this look, some of your nails will have the classic American manicure pattern, and there will be two accent nails as well. One of them will be glittery, and the other one will have a chrome look. You can opt for this manicure if you want a fun and bold look.