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This post will cover 44 Pictures of Christmas Nail Designs 2018-2019. That does mean, they are one of the best lists of Christmas manicure 2018 as well as Christmas Nail Designs 2019.

Winter, Christmas and New Year celebration are knocking at your door. Your nails need to be polished and designed to bring festive perfection. 
Do you lazily plan to shade your nails through green or red nail polish, or think to some fun designs outside? 
Please don’t do that. Today we are presenting to make you inspired through 44 custom Christmas nail art designs or Christmas 2018 nail trends. You can easily create them at home with a professional look.

Christmas Nail Designs
Fortunately, there are never-ending cute Christmas nail art designs preferences to pick. From Polar Bear to glitter, candy cane to snowflakes, this list is outstanding.  We guarantee that you will definitely love this list of Christmas nail designs to be inspired yourself. At this time, without further argument, please meet the most delightful ways to make your most desired winter nails design.

Christmas Nail Designs 2018-2019

1. Candy Cane Nails:

If you can’t reach a decision on just one design, make five dissimilar statement nails. There’s glitter, matte, and that typical candy cane outline.
2. Polar Bear Drop Nails:
Polar Bear Drop Nails

Christmas cannot be only for green and red nail polish.  Apply a soft teal as a background for this classic polar bear nail design.

3. Best Holiday Nails with Ornaments:
Best Holiday Nails with Ornaments

Adorns aren’t only for your tree but also adorn your nails with an emphasize that has mild gold Christmas nail designs.

4. Glitzy Wonderland Snowflake Christmas Nail Designs:
Snowflake Christmas Nail Designs

You can’t take our eyes off from this white and silver blend.  Gets this design combining white snowflake and tree; it is same as the silver glitter is dropping snow.

5. Glitter Dusting Christmas Nail Art Designs:
Glitter Dusting Christmas Nail Art Designs
@Nails by Cla’s
If you like a number of glitters with no complex nails design, paint your tips using silver flash polish. This will give the snow-falling effect, and you can easily do this at home.
6. Santa Claus Christmas Nail Designs:
Santa Claus Christmas Nail Designs
@Gracie’s Instagram

I think there is nothing more gorgeous than this Christmas nail art ideas? The holiday’s “it” pair is the main attention, and we can’t get plenty of their pretty smiles.

7. Amazing Snowflakes:
Amazing Snowflakes Christmas nail art designs
@Jessica Harris

With these significant designs by Jessica Harris made this nail art designs with full of glamorous holiday joy.

8. String Lights Classy Christmas Nails:
String Lights Classy Christmas Nails

Crystals Nail art plays a vital role in Christmas festive manicure. To make them prominently, try a darker and green tone as your beds and enjoy this Christmas light nail art.

9. Frolicking Penguins Nails:
Frolicking Penguins Christmas Nails

Kellie is a UK-based nail artist; you’ll have the most attractive nails of the season. Every penguin is somewhat dissimilar; giving every single nail plenty of appeal and personality.

10. Matte Reindeer Silhouettes:
Matte Reindeer Silhouettes Christmas nail designs
@Anna Kate

Professional Nail art designer Anna Kate made these festive nails to celebrate the holidays amazingly.

11. Green Star Power:
Green Star Power Christmas nails designs
@Seasons Nail Bar

Want to be a celebrity of your office holiday party with this simple design? Please create this design at home.

12. Christmas French Nail Art:
Christmas French Nail Art
@Nail Poetry

Oh, my goodness! Professional Nail artist Poetry has made this Santa-motivated nail art design with French tips.

13. Snow Globe Christmas Nail Designs:
Snow Globe Christmas Nail Designs
@Julie France

This design will shake your heartbeat once more time! Make winter heaven on your nail base with small trees and a snowman.

14. Snowman Accent Nail Art Ideas:
Snowman Accent Nail Art Ideas

You’ll feel anything but blue with this snowman and snow bunting- mixture. The accent nail is giving us thoughtful Olaf feelings.

15. Holly Berries Christmas Nail Designs:
Holly Berries Christmas Nail Designs
@Dovilė Samuolevičienė

Add your holiday spirit through these nails, finish with gorgeous holly berries. The uneven placement contributes a fun to the complete look.

16. Red Matte with Leaves:
Red Matte with Leaves Cute Nail Art
@Tominova Nails 

You can make colorful your holiday red, but you make this look all year round. Do a matte red finishing design on your three fingers, and the rest two can be a design other looks, these nails are delicate but very exceptional.

17. Twinkling Stars Christmas Nail Designs:
Twinkling Stars Christmas Nail Designs

Professional nail artist Madeline Poole applied Sally Hansen Color as the background to spectacular yet straightforward white stars.

18. Snow-Capped Mountains:
Snow Capped Mountain Christmas Nail Art

We love this geometric nail designs on a typical winter natural view. Believe it or not, nail artist Jaunty Juli uses acrylic paint to shape this attractive green you see here!

19. Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Designs:
Charlie Brown Christmas Nail Designs

Applying your stable hand, a nail striping brush, you can get the most thoughtful winter nail art designs.

20. Christmas Sweater Cute Nail Designs:
Christmas Sweater Cute Nail Designs
@Copycat Claw

There is not anything ugly about this Christmas sweater-inspired manicure — actually, festival nail art ideas in a seasonal color format sound like the most beautiful of winter add-ons. If you think that you should never recreate those little sweater details on your own, use any nail stamp.

21. Chic Icicles Christmas Nail Designs:
Chic Icicles Christmas Nail Designs

You will like this delicate snooze to winter weather, particularly how the silver pops against the base — the thin streaks of exceptional shades of grey look like hanging icicles — a great gradient mani.

22. Glittery Center:
Glittery Center Nails Design
@Angel Son

If you like white manicure as well as like to make it more entertaining for the holidays, paint one with a silver or gold metallic polish.

23. Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Nail Art Designs:
Warm and Fuzzy Christmas Nail Art Designs
@Chalkboard Nails

Hit a reflective note with this charming knit outline plus a matryoshka doll in-flexion. The double pink shades make lovely cute nail designs easy for the time.

24. Glitter Dipped Christmas Nail Designs:
Glitter Dipped Christmas Nail Designs
@Chalkboard Nail

Get up a white manicure by the touch of festive green and red glitter on the base of your nails. This is also an excellent method to hide any chips before a last-minute of the meeting.

25. Reverse Gold Gradient Nails:
Reverse Gold Gradient Nails
@I Feel Polished

Finish a light pink manicure by adding a stroke of gold glitter at the foundation. We suggest using the glitter with a make-up sponge but don’t go beyond it.

26. Fully efficient String Lights:
Fully efficient String Lights Nail Art
@Chalkboard Nail

These nails not only have bulb painting on Christmas on them; they glow in the dark -China Glaze Ghoulish Glow at what time you switches off the light. OUTSTANDING!

27. Winter Wonderland Christmas Nails:
Winter Wonderland Christmas Nails
@Sassy Shelly

This is not only prominent praise to the season, but it also a stunning way to enjoy your nails with nature yourself. Because it is achieved applying to stamp, it is effortless than hand painting each person tree.

28. Deck the Nails:
Deck the Nails
@Smith and Cult

These are so pretty delicate nails; they look like holiday painting of watercolour than a mani. If your hand is a bit less balanced for using nail striping brush, these almost abstract nail design ideas are ideal for you.

29. Wrapping Paper Christmas Nail Designs:
Wrapping Paper Christmas Nail Designs
@Paintbox Nail

Metallic will be the desired touch of nail art lovers for all the time; however, you can add your distinctive stroke with little gold accents toward your nails base.

30. Chevron Chic Christmas Nail Designs:
Chevron Chic Christmas Nail Designs
@Color Club 

Once you become a master on chevron art with a funny zigzag outline on the outer nails of this manicure, you can combine any color for any festival. It looks most beautiful in a holiday manicure design with gold glitter at rest.

31. All Wrapped Up:
All Wrapped Up nails
@Urban Nail Art 

Take off your preferred wrapping paper with glittery sloping stripes diagonally in every nail. A cute garland on the top of your ring finger adds an extra attractive tone.

32. Cute Christmas Nails with Snowfall:
Cute Christmas Nails with Snowfall

One of the best nail art designs on your holidays (depending on the region you are living like snow environment). Have a good time that a small number of snowflakes of winter with this soft design on your manicure. We suggest a jovial red nails bed like OPI’s Apple Red.

33. Santa Claws Cute Nail Art:
Santa Claws Cute Nail Art
@Christy Nguyen

You don’t require going to make an impact all out your nails. Just paint a tiny Santa hat on both hand’s accent nail drives it perfect that you will love Christmas nail designs without more complicated designs.

34. Thin Ribbons Nail:
This slim, a little swirled design shaped with a nail striping brush is re-mindful of tie candy, making them great for blending with your holiday party feeling.
35. Triangular Trunks Nail Art:
Triangular Trunks Nail Art
@Ka Yee Or

Spiky lines and Crisp angles make this manicure such a charming looking’s. So don’t forget to beautify as a minimum one of your Christmas tree accents through tiny dotted polish “decorations.”

36. Bow Tied Christmas Nails Simple:


Bow Tied Christmas Nails Simple
@Chalkboard Nails
Nails mimic one of popular Christmas’s nail decorations — the garland. The combination of Christmas nails red, scarlet and holly bows style adds an extra twist on the half-moon manicure.
37. Stylish Ornament Christmas Nail Designs:
Ornament Christmas Nail Designs

You may choose this metallic route with this beautiful manicure with white and gold pattern. The three-dimensional gold nail jewellery cute nail designs make it pretty to hang on a tree.

38. Glittering Snowflakes Nails Idea:
Glittering Snowflakes Nails Idea
@The Nailasaurus

Green, red and silver shades aren’t only appropriate for the holiday. Jewel tones similar to violet — we like OPI’s Purple with a function of Christmas festival.

39. Charming Pudding Christmas Nail Designs:
Pudding Christmas Nail Designs
@The Nailasaurus

Amaze your guest at your dining table with these gorgeous fudge-y nails that are about good enough to consume. You will need a little patience to get this manicure, but it entirely pays off, mainly when you apply a rich brown tone similar to Essie’s Mink Muffs.

40. Sparkling Dimensions Christmas Nail Art Designs:
Dimensions Christmas Nail Art Designs
@The Nailasaurus

Glitter is ordinarily thick, dotted or superfine finishing, however this geometric manicure, designed with “nail sequins” — takes the nail polish to the next level.

41. Holiday Zigzag Nail Art:
Holiday Zigzag Nail Art
@Copycat Claws

Why not choose both white and red or gold and red at what time you have an opportunity to select a superb festive zigzag design? Find the border perfect with an outline.

42. Merry Matte Christmas Nails Easy:
Merry Matte Christmas Nails Easy
@Goose’s Glitter 

This celebratory combo is different from cliché. Actually, it’s quite a stylish and unique edition of French tips. Just cover you’re preferred green and red polishes along with a matte topcoat.

43. Epic to the Tree Nails:
Epic to the Tree Nails

Whereas a manicure is not last for all the time, this deep hunting tone is definitely evergreen. Due to the design like a gold pine tree, apply a nail striping brush or toothpick for doing bold, even shaped lines.

44. Midnight Blue Christmas Nail Designs:
Midnight Blue Christmas Nail Designs
@We Heart It 

Greens and red shades aren’t the only appropriate for the holiday. A rich navy blue with silver shine, like ILNP’s summer seasons Dream is an exciting technique to put on glitter for Christmas.

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