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How often do you think about getting cute nail designs easy? As you see, natural and plain-looking nails are not the trend anymore. Why should you be left out when there are many designs to choose from?

There’s always that one nail art that would suit you the best. And over the years, there has been a rise in the popularity of nail arts, along with new creative and innovative designs. The best part is – you can do it yourself! In this article, we have posted 30 easy and cute nail designs 2019 that would like to try.

cute nail designs


Cute Nail Designs Easy

1. Under Nail Art Designs:

cute undernail art designs


This trendy nail art is perfect if you are a fashion freak as well as an office-going woman. First, take the color of your choice and paint the tops of your nails with it. Then paint a hue under it that contrasts with the topside.
2. Two Strikes Cute Easy Nail Designs At Home:

Two Strikes Cute Easy Nail Designs At Home

The “two strikes” look includes both the simple and artistic look. First, choose a base coat, and then paint thin lines from one side of the nail.
3. Studs Nail Art:

Studs Nail Art

Applying studs in your nails can give it a classy look. The design goes well with a variety of colors such as oxblood, plum, burgundy, etc. You can choose any color/design that seems fit.
4. Wire Work Cute Easy Quick Nail Designs:

Wire Work Cute Easy Quick Nail Designs

The Wire Work nail art is quite difficult to try yourself at home, and you might want to hire a professional for this. To do this, you have to coil up a piece of wire into your desired shape (Try making different shapes for each nail). Then paint a base coat of your favorite color and let it dry. Then make a second coat (Don’t let it dry, so that the wire may stick well with it). Then press the pieces of the wire gently onto your nails and let the polish dry.

5. Cute Nail Designs with Simple Squares:
Cute Nail Designs with Simple Squares

The Simple Square look does not need much work and is created very easily. It gives the nail a chic nail art appearance. Try to create small squares of different colors on the borders of your nail.

6. Edible Nail Designs:
Edible Nail Designs

This might be the most unusual nail art design you will ever hear. This nail art includes painting different sorts of food onto your nails! It’s time for you to be creative. Ice cream would be great in summer!

7. Cute nail Designs Sculptural Styles:
 Cute nail Designs Sculptural Styles

This design might not be appropriate if you are an office-going woman, but this will surely catch everyone’s attention if you are at a party! This glamorous design can be acquired via a professional, or you can also do it yourself.

8. Cute Nail Designs Round The Outside:
Cute Nail Designs Round The Outside

If you want to look classy, bold, and elegant – then look no further! This nail art design is much easy to paint and can give your nails an entirely chic look. First, make a base shade of your favorite color, then gently paint around the border of your nails.

9. Pearls Cute Nail Designs:
Pearls Cute Nail Designs

Ever thought pearls may actually be used designing nails? The mini pearl beads give your nails a glamorous look and can be bought online. Press them over wet polish in your desired place, and you are good to go!

10. Newspaper Cute Nail Designs:
Newspaper Cute Nail Designs

This design requires you to use stamps or real paper to achieve a phenomenal look. First, choose a base coat and don’t let it dry. Press firmly, a small piece of paper with writings on it upon your nail.

11. Negative Space Nail Art Designs:
Negative Space Nail Art Designs

Are you short on polish and need to go somewhere this instant? Well, here’s a nail design that is just as apt with your situation. Try to paint your nails partially and leave the rest natural. Don’t worry! This will surely give your nails a sophisticated look.

12. Cute Nail Designs with Modern Half-Moon:
Cute Nail Designs with Modern Half Moo

This updated version of the half-moon manicure is definitely something you’d like to try. The new triangular shape makes your nails look magnificent!

13. Minimal Outline Nail Art Designs:

This classy and sleek nail art is compatible with women who go to work. First, make a base coat and then make a clean outline around it.

14. Cute Nail Designs at Home with Sugar:
Cute Nail Designs at Home with Sugar

Looking for funky nail art? Well, the Sugar Nails might be your first priority. This design has also been promoted by Lucy Hale, the actress. This nail art requires you to make a coating of sugar upon your favorite combination of colors.

15. Pretty Words Nail Art:
Pretty Words Nail Art

This nail art is very fun to do. You can spell out your name or anything over your nails! All you have to do is make a base coat, and then draw the letters onto it.

16. Pretty Nail Designs with Ink Stained:
Pretty Nail Designs with Ink Stained

The Ink-Stained nail art not only gives your nails a stunning look but creates a totally chic appearance. You can do this at home, or in a Salon by using a dry-brushing technique.

17. Beautiful Holographic Shine Nail Designs:
Beautiful Holographic Shine Nail Designs

Who does not like cute nail designs with glitter? This look is cool as well as futuristic. You can choose a variety of colors. You will need to apply Holographic powder over wet gel polish to create this look.

18. 3D Accent Cute Nail Designs:
3D Accent Cute Nail Designs

Adding 3D Accent over ombre nails is just the trend now. Halsey, the singer, promoted this nail art by wearing a black ombre polish and a 3D skull on her ring finger. So why don’t you make yourself a design and rock on?

19. Half ‘n’ Half:
Half n Half beautiful nail designs

The Half ‘n’ half nail art is much easier than the rest of the nail arts. Two differently colored nail polish and nail art tape is pretty much everything you would need for this graceful look.

20. Gorgeous Geodes Funny Nail Designs :
Gorgeous Geodes Funny Nail Designs

Geode nails were a trend in 2017, but you can still copy it in 2019. This nail art seriously gives your nails an attractive look. A black and purple glitter design would look fabulous.

21. Gold Flakes Cute Nail Designs:
Gold Flakes Cute Nail Designs

The addition of gold flakes upon navy, black or red nails creates a royal look, and is just perfect for your next evening-out, or perhaps your next dinner at a restaurant?

22. Geometric Nails Art Designs:
Geometric Nails Art Designs

This trendy nail art is well known to create a chic appearance, as well as very easy to do. Choose differently colored hues; pair them up in different shapes/designs in each nail.

23. Cute Neutral Nail Designs Gold Stripes:
Cute Neutral Nail Designs Gold Stripes

The list of new nail art accessories grows and grows, and they have even replaced plain nail paints. Gold-colored striping tape is such an accessory that can create a modern and smart look.

24. Dripping Polish Cute Nails:
Dripping Polish Cute Nails

How fun would it is if it appeared that colors are oozing and dripping down from your nails? Wear it when you’re not able to decide which color to wear.

25. Creative Tips Cute Nail Designs:
Creative Tips Cute Nail Designs

Do you like standard French manicures? If yes, then take it to the next level with this nail art. Replace your white ends with bold colors, such as blue or red.

26. Cute Nails with Chic Chevrons:
Cute Nails with Chic Chevrons

The Chic Chevrons can be acquired by contrasting two colors. First, make a base coat of your desired color, and then make triangular stripes. This nail art gives your nails a really classy and fashionable look without turning it into something wacky.

27. Cartoon Characters Nails:
 Cartoon Characters Nails

Yes, it’s true! Now you can keep your favorite cartoon characters with you all the time! You might need a professional to draw the cartoons perfectly, but that’s the least you can do for your favorite cartoon character, right?

28. Bow Detail Funny Nail Designs:
Bow Detail Funny Nail Designs

Attaching small plastic bows can give your nails a wholly unique look. Almost nail artists from all over the world try this, so why wouldn’t you?

29. Cute Artistic Outlines Nail Designs:
Cute Artistic Outlines Nail Designs

Earlier in this article, we have seen a lot of nail arts that involve “outlines.” So you can guess – this is also a trend. You can try creating dotted outlines at the edge of your nails and see the result yourself. Try choosing different colors for nice nail designs 2019.

30. Cute Abstract Nail Designs:
Cute Abstract Nail Designs

All you need to make this design is – creativity. Try to combine different shapes, colors, and designs, and the result will surely amaze you. What are you waiting for?