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Are you afraid that your short nails are not enough for perfect nail art designs? Well, you are WRONG. There are plenty of simple nail designs for short nails that are just as apt for short nails and can make a significant impact on your looks. Plus, they even add the subtle finishing touch to your desired outfit! In this article, we have mentioned 30 easy nail designs for short nails as well as some of the short gel nail designs or Short nail designs that will certainly take your breath away.

Short Nail Designs


30 Simple Short Nail Designs:

1. Red to Black Gradient Short Nail Designs:

The astonishing red-to-black gradient design of this nail art is modish and very easy to create. The dark, gloomy look makes your nails look classy. Be sure to pair it up with an oxblood lip on a date night!
2. Sailor Art Designs For Short Nails:

Have a cool, nautical look on your nails by wearing this nail art. The summery design will surely add an amusing touch to your outfit. You can do it yourself at home, and it does not even require much effort!
3. Pastel Drips Short Nail Designs:

The unique design of this nail art adds an animated, pop-art touch to your nails. The distinctive “drip” design looks perfect when paired up with pastel hues. Try to choose light and lively colours for a subtle look.
4. Vintage Floral Mix & Match Short Simple Nail Designs:

The Vintage Floral Mix & Match design gives your nails an attractive and chic look. Although it may seem a little hard to create, it’s quite simple. You don’t need to stress about having a detailed look, as the roses are best as abstract.
5. Color Blocking Short Nail Designs:

The Color Blocking nail art is simple yet classy. Choose between a range of colours ( It may be different for each nail ). You will require striping tape for a sleek and clean finish.
6. Newspaper Short Nail Art Designs:

Ever thought the Newspaper Nail art design could be done on short nails? Yes, it is possible! Also, there are stamps available online that makes the whole process easier. This nail art looks magnificent and truly creates a sophisticated look.
7. Poppy Flowers Short Nail Ideas:

The Poppy Flowers nail paint looks fabulous with any dress. The aesthetic floral design makes your nails come to life. You can wear it to any event, or even at the weekends.
8. Marimekko Inspired Flower Nail Art For Small Nails:

Are you a fashion freak? Well, then this nail art is perfect for you. You will need a nail art brush and a dotting tool for the design, and then you’re good to go! The easy-to-create nail art looks phenomenal upon your nails.
9. Plaid Cute Short Nail Designs:

The classy, striped design of this nail art surely creates a chic and stylish look. They also go well with a coat and a hat!
10. Glitter Cuticle Manicure for your Cute Short Nails:

This nail art provides a different look by the addition of glitter in the cuticles. Plus, it can be created within a few minutes, and you don’t need to stress over what nail art to wear in the last minute anymore!
11. Aztec Print over Neon Gradient Short Natural Nail Designs:

The Aztec Print over Neon Gradient consists of a beautiful gradient underneath the voguish Aztec print. It will take some time to create the design, but you can always make a less complicated version of it to save time.
12. Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs For Short Nails:
Looking for on-trend nail art to wear on Valentine’s Day? Then look no further – this nail art features cute, pink hearts over a red base, which is all you need to celebrate this day in style!
13. Wedding Nail Designs Short:

There is no other occasion that requires the elegant look of this nail art other than your wedding. The attractive swirl design would be just what you were looking for. But you might need a professional to achieve perfection.
14. Tiffany Blue Diamond Nail Styles for Short Nails:

The glittery and sparkly design of it is enough to blow your mind if you like shiny nail paints. It also gives you feel of wearing a diamond ring on your nails!
15. Chevron Accent Short Nail:

Running short on time? The Chevron Accent Nail is best known to serve such situations. Paint only your ring finger with the Chevron print, so that it does not look too much and at the same time, give it a classy look.
16. Ombre Nail Ideas for Short Nails:

Although Ombre is vastly applied to hair, it can also put a significant impact on nail arts. Moreover, it is very easy to create – by the sponge application method.
17. Summer Fruits Short Nail Designs:

How awesome would it be to have these sweet, summer fruits painted onto your nails? Strawberries, watermelons, and lemons are easy to paint, and in turn, gives your nails a bright and cheerful look!
18. Gradient Dotticure Short Nail Designs:

This amazing Gradient Dotticure nail art design focuses on the stylish combination of different colours along with dots. You can choose colours that go well together, how about white and red as a start?
19. Brocade Short Nail Designs:

The Brocade design looks lovely on nails, but it requires patience and a steady hand. But of course, you will forget what you went through after you get this stunning and graceful design on your nails.
20. Doc Martens Vintage Roses  Pretty Nail Designs for Short Nails:

The Doc Martens Vintage Roses is another floral design that you will fall in love with. The strikingly beautiful imprint of roses onto your nails looks very well when partnered with a leather jacket.
21. Blue and Silver Glitter ‘X’:

Glittery and shiny nail paints always make us happy. The Blue and Silver Glitter ‘X’ nail painting focuses on a blue base coat, with rich silver glitter embellished upon it.
22. Matte Glitter Cheetah Short Nail Designs:

An example of using glitter without appearing excessive is the Matte Glitter Cheetah Nails design. The neat and simple “cheetah skin” look will surely surprise anyone.
23. Geometric Negative Space Short Nail Designs:

Did you love geometry back in high school? Because this design is everything about drawing little shapes on your nails, which makes it kind of alluring. This is also a design that everyone should try once.
24. Cherry Picnic Short Nail Color Ideas:

Well, the name describes itself! If you are going to a picnic, don’t forget to paint your nails in this design. Glitter, polka dot and cherry designs would look great on your nails!
25. Water Marble Cute Nail Designs for Short Nails:

The Water Marble design emphasizes on realistic looking nails. The strikingly attractive nail art can be done with any color as long as they go with each other.
26. Silver Glitter Manicure Ideas for Short Nails:

If you don’t like too much glitter, then this is perhaps not for you. But if you do like it, then cheers! The eye-catching design of this nail art will certainly be admired. This nail art is a must if you are going to a party.
27. Mermaid Elegant Nail Designs for Short Nails:

The Mermaid Nails nail art would be great for a weekend. You will need to use a sponge gradient on the base and a scale stamp for the pattern. The sparkly look can be achieved by adding a layer of clear glitter polish.
28. Pastel Rainbow Ombre:

The Pastel Rainbow Ombre is the perfect nail art to wear to the beach. The cheerful, summery look would create an impression on anybody!
29. Chevron Mountains Nail Art Designs For Short Nails:

Another easy-to-create nail art design is the Chevron Mountains design. Although the two-tone look is great for summer, you can always change the colours, for example, light blue for a wintery look.
30. Minimalist Stripe Cute Short Nail Ideas:

The super-easy Minimalist Stripe nail art can be created within minutes. The fashionable, modern design is not so complicated, but who said a nail art needs to be complicated in order to look good?