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Almond nail designs look beautiful, right? The best combination of colors and designs can spice it up. The shape is on-trend and has a sophisticated and chic look. If you too, have nail shape designs and looking for the perfect almond nail ideas, then you are welcomed!

It’s time to achieve those killer looks you have always longed for, and certainly, we have the most innovative and cool almond nail design ideas to offer.
In this article, we have featured 28 amazing almond shape nail designs that you wish you’d found before.
Almond Nail Designs

Almond Nail Designs:

1. Short Almond Nail Designs:
Short Almond Nail Designs
You need not worry if you have short nails, as you might have heard almond shape is normally for large nails. Give this simple yet pretty almond nails short design a try if you have short nails!
2. White Almond Nail Designs:
 White Almond Nail Designs
White polishes never disappoint, correct? Use a white polish and be sure to give a matte finish to achieve this super-modern and classic look for your nails. Moreover, the white polish makes your acrylic nails almond designs more noticeable.
3. Black Almond Nails Design:
Black Almond Nails Design
The term “black” is often synonymous to classy, and it’s no exception in nail arts too! Just be sure to use a gloss or matte black nail polish to create pure elegance.
4. Acrylic Nail Designs Almond Shape:
Acrylic Nail Designs Almond Shape
Almond acrylic nail ideas are a good way to have strong and long nails if you are not able to grow it yourself. It also provides for a remarkable base to try out a variety of cute almond acrylic nails.
5. Cute Almond Nail Designs:
Cute Almond Nail Designs
The cute simple almond nailsfeature amazing little polka dots and a bow. You can choose red as a base for the dots, but you can always change the color to suit your needs to get the cute almond shaped nail designs.
6. Nude Almond Nail Designs:
Nude Almond Nail Designs
The Nude Almond Shaped Nails is perfect for women who don’t like glossy or excessive nail paints. You can wear this bright and elegant nail art to both the office and a family gathering.
7. Long Almond Nail Designs:
Long Almond Nail Designs
Long Almond Shaped nails are an excellent choice for women who like to keep it classy. Moreover, you can do most of the nail arts on it easily.
8. 3D Almond Shaped Nails:
3D Almond Shaped Nails
3D elements on nails have always been eye-catching and intriguing. The addition of rhinestones, studs or crystals can create a perfect 3D design.
9. Almond Shaped Accent Nails Art:
Almond Shaped Accent Nails Art
Accent nails can help your nails look more fascinating, one or two of them might be perfect. Plus, you don’t need a professional to create such a look. So, interested already
10. Baby Blue Almond Nail Designs:
Baby Blue Almond Nail Designs
The baby blue shade undoubtedly looks bold and stunning. This gorgeous colour will look best in summer or spring.
11. Almond Shaped Nails with Chevron Design:
Almond Shaped Nails with Chevron Design
This easy-to-create look can be achieved by using tape. The trendy Chevron design looks attractive and elegant upon your nails, especially on almond shaped nails!
12. Elegant Almond Nail Art Designs:
Elegant Almond Nail Art Designs
Nothing can be more sophisticated than partnering an elegant polish with almond-shaped nails. You can try a shade of beige, brown, grey or even nude for a graceful look.
13. Almond Nail Designs with Silver Stripes:
Almond Nail Designs with Silver Stripes
Try this futuristic nail art that includes silver stripes; you can wear this in a weekend or even in a party! Don’t forget to keep it stylish when going to an event, either!
14. Black and Gold Almond Nails Art Designs:
Black and Gold Almond Nails Art Designs
The rich look of the Black and Gold nail art will certainly catch everyone’s attention. The shimmering gold stripes are perfect for creating a chic look.
15. Love Heart Nail Designs for Almond Nails:
Love Heart Nail Designs for Almond Nails
It almost seems that nothing can replace these almond-nails, for their ability to make each and every nail art look amazing. The cute heart design is ideal for a day when love is in the air. Don’t forget to paint your nails in this design in Valentine’s day!
16 Marble Nail Art For Almond Nail Designs:
Marble Nail Art For Almond Nail Designs
The marble nails almond is something extraordinary. Although it is created with white and grey colors, it looks spectacular upon one’s nails.
17. Green Almond Nail Shapes and Designs:
Green Almond Nail Shapes and Designs
Ever wondered how green would look in almond shaped nails? The dark green shade creates a simple yet impressive look. So, why not try this once?
18. French Almond Nail Art Ideas:
French Almond Nail Art Ideas
There is not a single nail art enthusiast who hasn’t heard about French manicures. The simple and classic look of the French manicure is ideal for women who need to go to work.
19. Gold and Pink Almond Nail Designs:
Gold and Pink Almond Nail Designs
Almond shaped nails almost accentuate every nail art. The gold leaf/ glitter tip almond nails upon a pink base creates an outstanding look. Be sure to wear it before a party!
20. Negative Space Almond Nails:
Negative Space Almond Nails
How would it look if the tips of your nails floated? Yes, you read it right. You can now create such a design that would make the tips of your nails appear floating. A curved tape is used just below the the tip before painting the whole nail black. Then after the polish has dried, the tape is gently removed to create this astonishing design.
21. Pastel Almond Nail Designs:
Pastel Almond Nail Designs
Want a more summery style? Why not use pastel shades? Try different shades for each finger for this lovely look.
22. Striped Nail Designs for Almond Nails:
Striped Nail Designs for Almond Nails
The use of striping tape is being practiced all over the world right now, so why should you be left out? You can use it on all nails or just on one for an accent.
23. White Acrylic Nails Almond Shape Designs:
White Acrylic Nails Almond Shape Designs
White acrylic nails are fashionable and on-trend, and it looks even better with grey polish splashed upon them.
24. Tribal Almond Nail Designs:
Tribal Almond Nail Designs
The tribal pattern on almond nails look beautiful, and it might be your priority if you like bold and playful colors. It may seem quite difficult to do at first, but it gets better with practice.
25. Wedding Almond Nails Designs:
Wedding Almond Nails Designs
As told earlier, almond shaped nails are suitable for every occasion. The classy, feminine look of it will be perfect if a white and nude design is added. Congratulations, you just found a finishing touch to your wedding gown!
26. XO Almond Shaped Nail Ideas:
XO Almond Shaped Nail Ideas
A nail art pen can be used to create this more self-customized look. Write whatever you desire upon a base coat, like a black “XO” upon a white base.
27. Beautiful Nails with Almond Design:
Beautiful Almond Nail Designs
Pairing French manicure with almond-shaped nails will create a sophisticated design. You can also add rhinestones or studs on one nail to make the whole look even attractive.
28. Almond Design Nails for Easter:
Almond Design Nails for Easter
Looking for nail art to wear on Easter? Look no further; this design includes bows, polka dots and bunnies to make the day brighter.

How to Get Almond Nail Designs:

  • You can get almond shaped nails if you want to make your fingers look longer.
  • Don’t worry if you have short nails, the almond shape can be created on both long and short nails.
  • You can consult with a professional if you are having trouble growing almond shaped nails. You can also do it at home – file the sides of your nails and round them off at the tip.
  • Acrylic nails are the best choice if you want a subtle shape.
  • Choose nail arts that suit you the best; be sure to try out the nail art ideas mentioned above.