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You can get inspiration from anything to design your nail – from pets to airstrip fashion. The stimulation is standing all over; you require choosing the right thing. In this post, we will disclose 25 outstanding animal print nail art designs to get inspired you. Displaying animal themed nail designs will proof your love towards the wild animals or your pets. So let’s start with the 25 best animals Print nail art designs.

25 Animal Print Cute Nail Designs

1. Leopard Print Cute Nail Designs:

Leopard Print Nails

Leopard print nails look very attractive, which can be designed at the time of showing your wilder side. They are very easy to design. If you would like to get the same look, first of all, paint your nails using white and make ombre applying different colors. Let it be dried and then add leopard print. Apply topcoat, and you are finished.

2. Neon Leopard Print Cute Nail Designs:

Neon Leopard Prints Nail Design

This nail art design looks great in summer. To get this look, first, paint your nails white-colored nail polish and make a few dots in different neon shades. Now make sketch the neon dots in “c” shaped strokes applying black color and add some random black spots everywhere. Use a topcoat.

3. Zebra Prints Nail Art Design:

Zebra Prints Nail Art Design

Zebra nails look tremendous if you can design it carefully. First of all, paint, your nails using white and then add black crooked lines on it. You may use water decals also. This is an animal prints nail design looks super stylish!

4. Tiger Print Print Cute Nail Designs:

Tiger Prints Nail Art Design

Tiger print nails look eye-catching. You can make this nail art design similar to the zebra nails. The only change is – include brown gradient effect for making it more genuine.

5. Giraffe Print Nail Designs:

Giraffe Prints Nail Designs

Giraffe print is one of the simplest print to design on your nails. Use brown colored nail polish at first.  Then create outlines in random hexagonal shapes applying yellow. Also, there are many exciting plates that have giraffe print; you can apply them also.

6. Cow Print Nail Art Design:

Cow Prints Nail Art Design

Cow print nails art design can be done by sketching random shapes on a white or light brown basement. They are very easy to achieve, and look marvelous.

7. Butterfly Print Cute Nail Designs:

Butterfly Prints Nail Art Design

Butterfly nail art design looks incredibly womanly and gorgeous. You can do it by applying any color and over gradient nails. They look amazing in spring. There are lots of indie stamping plates offered in this design. Apply them to stamp it if you are not confident in drawing exact lines.

8. Snake Print Cute Nail Designs:

Snake Prints Nail Art Design

To get Snake nail art, first of all, paint your nails using brown or metallic grey nail polish and let it be dried. After being dried totally, keep a fishnet over your nails and paint it using black color everywhere. Take away the fishnet and use a topcoat.

9. Snake Print Nail Art Design In Pink:

Snake Prints Nail Art Design In Pink

You can design snake nails in pink also for female touch.

10. Mix and Match Animal Nail Designs:

Mix and Match Animal Nail Designs

You can combine and meet different animal prints to get some outstanding nail design.

11. Neon Leopard Print Nail Art Design:

 Neon Leopard Prints Nail Art Design

Sketch neon spots leopard print on the side of your nails to get this cool and full of fun looking.

12. Multi Print Nail Art Design:

Multi Print Nail Art Design

Get this marvelous look by making patches of different animal prints over one of your nail.

13. Leopard and Zebra Print Cute Nail Designs:

Leopard and Zebra Nail Designs

14. Zebra Stripes Nail Art Design:

Zebra Stripes Nail Art Design

This looks somewhat tricky, but it is very easy to design. Paint your nails black and add zebra stripes with black and white.

15. Leopard Print Cute Nail Designs:

Leopard Print

If you don’t want full manicure with leopard print, then you can make inflection nail manicure as given.

16. Leopard Variation Print Cute Nail Designs:

Leopard Variation Nail Art Design

This is a variation to the manicure as mentioned above. Leopard print is so handy that it looks tremendous in any color, and it is one of the well-liked prints to the nail art designers.

17. Studded Zebra Nails:

Studded Zebra Nails

Add rhinestones to your animal prints to get them blingy looking.

18. Panda Dots Print Cute Nail Designs:

Panda Dots Nail Designs

You can shape some wonderful and dazzling looks using animal prints as given.

19. French Tip Print Cute Nail Designs:

French Tip Nail Art Designs

Make attractive French tips with dissimilar animal prints, as shown here.

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20. Shiny Zebra Print Nail Designs:

Shiny Zebra Nails

Shiny zebra print on non-glossy base. To make this design first of all, paint your nails with matte black nail polish and then make zebra stripes applying your topcoat. And you are finished.

21. Lady Bug Print Cute Nail Designs:

Lady Bug Prints Nail Design

Ladybug nails are quite easy to design and look pretty in spring. To do this, first of all, paint your nails applying red and add a black tip and a line to separate your nails into two parts. At this time, add some black dots for the spots and white dots for the eyes.

22. Colorful Ladybugs Nail :

Colorful ladybugs Nail Designs

Make ladybug nail art designs in different colors too. You can do it in every nail using a different color to change your manicure into a colored one.

23. Butterfly Prints Nail Art Design:

Butterfly Prints Nail Art Design

You can make stunning butterflies over your nails. Butterfly nails look excellent in summer and spring. If you are not able to create butterflies freehand, you can choose stickers, water markers, or stamping plates.

24. Bumblebee Nail Designs:

bumblebee nail designs

25. Dog Paw Print Nail Designs:

dog paw print