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Do you have an interest in new and trendy cherry blossom nails art? OK, you have come to the right place.
Here, you will find a huge number of different cherry nail arts.
There is not a single trendy nail art that you won’t find here.

For today, we have a list of cherry nails that might fascinate you.

It is not only stylish and adorable but suitable for seasons such as summer and spring.

They are so easy to create that you won’t believe it! With the help of a thin brush or a dotting tool, you can do this for yourself.

Here in this article, we have featured 23 such cherry nail designs that comprise shiny, simple, rhinestone nail arts, and what not?

cherry nails
23 Trendy Cherry Nails Art Design

1. Cute Cherry Nails:

At first, we would like to show you these adorably cute cherry nails.

White polish is painted upon short nails. To decorate each nail, brilliantly colored cherries are drawn.

This is a trendy way to apply cherry blossom nails, and it also gives out a vintage feeling.

The polishes used here are from the HB Beauty Bar.

2. Black Nails with a Cherry Accent Nail:

Looking for a darker cherry nail art?

To create this look, you have to point maximum of your nails in black, while leaving only one in white.

As you can see, the red color complements the dark so well! If you have long fingernails, why don’t you try this one?

3. Nude Nails with V Tips and Cherries:

If you have been reading other articles on this page, by this time, you are well acquainted with V-tips, and you also know how elegant they look.

This cherry nails art has nude nails with V-tips that are painted in white.

Now, it has been given a more stylish look by adding a beautiful cherry on each hand.

Long nails or short, this will surely suit anyone!

4. Fruity Nail Art:

Looking for another fruity manicure? For this nail art, all the nails must be nude, but they also must have different fruits painted on them.

Try to combine cherry and peach. Are you feeling summery yet?

Cherry and peach give us the summery vibe when combined, and we can’t think of a better way to get your nails all decked up for this summer.

Why don’t you recreate this look with different fruits?

5. Pretty Pink Coffin Nail Ideas:

Do you love pink nail arts? This nail art will look perfect on coffin nails.

All you have to do is paint your nails in bright pink, and an accent nail will have the cherry pattern. There is a little twist.

The red part of the cherry consists mainly of rhinestones instead of regular polish. Isn’t this a better way to wear cherry nail art?

6. Blue Nails with Cute Cherries:

This nail art has been a recent favorite to all the people out there.

It was inspired by CathKidstone and was adorned by many bright and beautiful patterns over pale blue color.

It is most popular in spring because of its light blue shade.

Try more prominent cherries and redesign.

7. Black Cherry Accent Nude Nails:

Have you ever seen a cherry painted in a different color nail art designs, rather than red?

If you genuinely are a nail art enthusiast, then you would love this one as it is something out of the box. How about using the color black for cherries this time?

All you have to do is paint most of your nails in nude, and have an accent nail where the cherry pattern is drawn.

The tiny, black cherries really create a chic look.

This design is mainly loved by people for its uniqueness.

8. Pink and Red Nail Design:

We love this nail idea because it is so voguish. It has got pink stripes with cherries on it.

This nail design will help you to stand different among the crowd.

You can try with different colors like white or blue or simply recreate the pink look.

9. Blue Nails With Rhinestone Cherry Art:

This is another nail art that utilizes rhinestones.

For this look, two of your nails must be painted in navy blue and the rest of them in light with cherries composed of rhinestones.

Crystals of various sizes are used for the red body of the cherry, while a tiny green-colored gem acts as a leaf.

If you were looking for a more shiny and glamorous design, why not this one?

Rhinestones can be bought online, and you can always recreate this in your way.

10. Clear and Sparkly Pink Nails:

We don’t like this nail art; we love it!

This manicure has got everything you need! Bright, pink, and glittery nails decorated with two rhinestone cherries.

It has grown famous among people because of its clearness and vibrant pattern with cherries.

This manicure is mainly suited for summer; you can buy full cherries online and stick it to your nails as well.

11. Long Nails with Cherry Rhinestones:

Next, we have nail art that again features white tips.

Earlier in this article, we did mention one about white tips with nude nails; you should check this out if you liked that one.

In this nail art, the nails must be nude, and the tips will be more classic and large.

Usually, the nails will be decorated with cherries.

Try this bold manicure if you are going out.

You can also recreate this look by making a cherry accent nail.

12. French Ombre Stiletto Nails:

The name of another trendy nail design is the ombre design. This one features cherries.

A nude and white ombre effect is created, which in turn produces a French ombre.

A single nail is beautified with cherries. This is such an easy design to create and does not even take much time.

Remember, different shades can also be used to create the ombre effect.

13. Cherry Accent Red Nails:

What are cherries famous for? The simple answer is their bold red color. Ever thought you could wear a cherry nail art with red nail paint?

You have to paint all your nails in a glossy shade of red and make one accent nail, which is light, decorated with rhinestones that make up the cherry.

This is another example of bright and brilliant nail art that looks amazing on any nail shape.

14. Chic Mani Idea for Summer:

The next we will talk about is for cute, short nails. This design consists of colorful tips with nude nails.

Only three of the nails are beautified with tiny cherries.

It’s a rather easy way to flaunt trend and also show the cheering cherries.

You can paint the cherries by yourself or recreate the design if you are more prone to an elegant look with white tips.

15. Glitzy Red and Nude Nails:

Next, we have re nail colors with cute cherries. The long, coffin nails are nude except one, which is red.

Two nails are embellished with rhinestone cherries, which show the design is pretty much stylish and cute.

You can try the same manicure or paint all the red nails with nude and cherry design.

16. Bold Sparkly Nail Art:

Bold nail art lovers, this one’s for you!

The nails all have a jubilant sparkly pink design. Red rhinestone cherries are featured by two nails.

This manicure is mainly for summer and spring.

The large-sized rhinestones definitely make the cherries stand out.

17. Cute Pink Nails with Cherries:

Up next, we are going to show you another nail art that features the color pink.

A light pink color is painted upon long nails.

Rhinestone cherries are embellished upon two of your nails, and also with silver ones.

All these make this design a pretty one with a touch of sparkle.

Recreate the cherries by using a thin brush and the same colors.

18. Red, White, and Green Design:

If you’re fond of bold colors, then this manicure is for you.

A cute cherry pattern through two red, one green, and the other is a white nail.

This is a cheerful, vibrant, and adorable design.

Simply try them at home; you will only need the same nail colors, a dotting tool, and a thin brush to paint.

19. Red Nails with Bold Cherry Art:

We can just guarantee you’ll love the next one!

This one has a striking look on it with the bold cherry.

Few of them are sparkly and red with a rhinestone.

The elegant red with the glittery rhinestone is just the look you need!

20. Pink Tips and Cherries Nude Nails:

Until now, all the tips we have seen are mainly of the color white.

Why not change this a little bit?

You can choose the color pink for the tip. In this design, the nails must be nude and have vivid pink tips.

Besides, the cherry pattern looks particularly great with the pink tips.

You can recreate this look by choosing your own color for the tip as well.

21. Matte Design with Red Glitter:

This one is another design that is based on light pink.

The maximum of the nails will be adorned with beautiful cherries or rhinestones!

A single nail is also painted in red glitter. The cherries and the red glitter go distinctively well together.

There is always a way how you can improve this look as per your choice- this includes having a cherry accent nail, or even have glittery cherries!

22. White Nails with Glam Cherry Design:

This white is back this time; every nail is medium in length and painted in white.

Leave some nails plain while decorating the others with rhinestones.

Here, a single nail features a cherry, while the next one contains two, with rhinestones added!

This manicure is the best for the last minute, as it does not take much time.

23. Jelly Nails with Cherries:

Lastly, we have this fantastic nail art idea to show you!

Coffin nails are painted in nude, but only half of it is painted. Sounds strange yet?

Well, there’s something more. The nails are further adorned with adorable and tiny cherries. Plus, there’s also pink glitter!

All of these certainly create the jelly nail design, and you can see why people love it.

If you were looking for a unique and different nail art, look no further, this one’s it.