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Floral nail design is so famous. And as the summer is here, sunflower designs will again gain people’s attention. And we all know that flower design matches up with any occasion, and they are available in various colors and shapes. Flowers look great when used in nail art, and there are so many beautiful nail designs that can be created. This article will discuss some of the most beautiful sunflower nail designs; they include some ombre, edgy versions, and sparkly manicures. So, enjoy the article and be sure to try these trending nail designs for summer.

Sunflower Nails

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23 Sunflower Nails

  1. Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

We began by showing a chic and vibrant sunflower nail design. Here three nails are bright sunshine yellow while two are black with a gorgeous sunflower design. The flowers can be hand-painted like these, or a person can use the help of sunflower nail stickers to recreate the look. Something similar can also be tried, or a black floral design can also be used on all nails.

  1. Gentle Sunflower Nail Art

Because sunflower nail art is so bold and subtle, therefore it suits everyone. Next, we present a                    mild sunflower mani. The nails are coated with a sunflower pattern on two nails, and the nails will be nude. There are pale yellow color and light-colored petals. This gorgeous nail design is relatively easy to recreate.

  1. Bold Sunflower Nails

This is one of our favorites because it’s elegant and praises worthy. Here we can see long coffin nails. Most of the nails have various designs like 3D sunflowers, rhinestones, glitter ombre, and ombre tips. The sunflowers look stunning, and the rhinestones are quite glamorous.

  1. Glamorous Pink Nail Design
Glamorous Pink Nail Design


This next design is for those who love bold colors. In this look, a bright pink background is painted with sunflowers. Many people like this combination because it’s very outstanding and also quite summery. The whole look can be recreated, or someone can choose the pink nails.

  1. Sunflowers and Stripes

This mani presents a combination of nude nails and thin white stripes. Two of the nails are painted with bright sunflowers. This design is quite fashionable and also comfortable to wear. The lines can be hand-painted or can be created by using nail tape or stencil. Hand stickers like this are available online so a person can recreate this for themselves.

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  1. Burgundy Sunflower Nails

All sunflower designs won’t be bright. Who likes a darker looking like this one, this design is for her. Here are long coffin nails with each nail designed with rich and glossy maroon. Two of the nails on each of the hands are decorated with sunflowers. Here, we can see sunflowers are toned down because of the burgundy despite being vibrant.

  1. Matte Nail Design

Next, we again present a cute nail design that will look amazing on long coffin nails. Herewith sparkly rhinestones, some of the nails are colored mustard yellow, while others are matte burgundy. On each hand, we can also see an accent nail with a dark yellow color. It is quite a gorgeous design. One can also go for stickers if they can’t hand-paint the flowers.

  1. Cute Nail Design

If someone loves ombre, then this design is for them. Here the nude nails are painted with yellow ombre. We can also see two accent nails- one with rhinestones and one with a sunflower. This design is so gorgeous and even on-trend. This design sounds perfect for the summer and there many online tutorials on ombre.

  1. Polka Dots and Sunflowers

This design looks very summery and also quite adorable. It includes stylish almond nails. A number of nails are lavender; one nail features black polka dots whereas another is nude and hand-painted sunflower. The nail shape is glamorous; the color and the nail art are fabulous. The whole look can be restored, or you can also use one or two designs on all nails.

  1. Unique Sunflower Nail Art

In this design, we can see the nails are coffin-shaped, and it features three different designs. This design is unique, and also many people’s favorite. This design presents one sunflower accent nail, nude, silver glitter ombre and light blue ombre. It is a very peculiar yet quite cute way of wearing sunflowers.

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  1. Edgy Sunflowers

This design is perfect for people who love edgy nail art. It presents matte ombre nails, and four nails are designed with a half sunflower. The sunflowers are also placed about the edge of the nail. It is a very fantastic way of wearing flowers. The design can also be used the sunflower as an accent nail only.

  1. Stylish Sunflower Nails

Here, we present a more elegant sunflower. This nail designs are the mixture of black matte, sparkly yellow, glitter with a sunflower, etc. With the magic of the 3D sunflowers, the glitter nails look gorgeous, and the matte black touch makes the mani look trendy. This design will look fabulous, no matter the nail shape or length.

  1. Glittery Nail Design for Short Nails

Love sparkly nail designs? Then we must check this next mani. Here are sparkly black, matte yellow, and a black with vibrant sunflower. The art, colors, and textures are so gorgeous. It will look great with more extended, and it also a cute and glitzy design. A person can also try the stiletto version, which will look fantastic!

  1. Vibrant Nail Ideas

This nail design is so vibrant and beautiful. Here we can see coffin shaped nails with most of them shaded bright yellow. Two of the nails are also colored white, which are hand-painted with delicate sunflowers. The combination of white and yellow is pretty, and the design tells how light and beautiful sunflowers are. It will be a perfect design for this summer and is also people’s favorite.

  1. Flowers, Polka Dots and Pastel Colors

If a person likes polka dot designs, then they must check this next design. See here short nails, two of them pastel-purple, white-black polka dots and one is designed with sunflower. The design looks quite summery and also adorable. A person can also try pastel yellow instead of purple or can also recreate the whole look.

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  1. Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

This idea is specially for those who love more vibrant designs. We can see long coffin nails with two of the nails colored matte and the other two colored matte black in this mani. We can also see bright yellow sunflowers on the matte black nails. People will surely love the design because of the bold colors, and the matte is also on-trend. This stylish nail design will make anyone stand out.

  1. Elegant Nail Design with Rhinestones

Next, we present a stunning and glitzy nail design. This design features coffin shaped nails and adds ombre, glitter ombre, and a sparkly sunflower designs. This design will look great for a special occasion because it’s so gorgeous. The whole look can be recreated, and one can also try out two designs on all nails, for example, sunflower art and just yellow ombre.

  1. Trendy and Edgy Mani

We again present an edgy nail mani. It gives long coffin-shaped nails. Here three nails are designed with matte orange ombre while other nail features snowy sunflower art if that didn’t blow your mind! Each nail is decorated with crosses, stars, and moons. Many people like gold accessories because of their uniqueness, and they are also available online.

  1. Sparkly and Vibrant Sunflower Design

We love this nail design! It features short orange nails with half a sunflower and presents yellow petals on the other nails too. The orange color looks so bright and fun; it will look great for this summer.

  1. Yellow Ombre Nails with Sunflowers

We present another ombre look for you. Here the nails are with yellow ombre as well as nails with 3D sunflower. This design will look great for all, and it is easy to wear for everyone. The look can also be recreated, and a person can also use stickers instead of the 3D model or can hand paint the sunflower.

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  1. Sunflower Art for Short Nails

Sunflower Sunflowers and polka dots are very famous these days, and we present another design. We can see short nails with three have of them designed with polka dots, one nail is colored pink, and one nude nail is designed with a sunflower. This look is easy is to wear and is also very adorable. This short mani can be recreated, or the design can also be tried on long nails.

  1. Glitzy Nail Idea

Check this design if you are looking for something glitzy. Here we can see short coffin shaped nails, with most of them having a different design. One nude nail is designed with a 3D sunflower while some are colored black, yellow, gold glitter. This design is very glamorous and also quite adorable. This design looks great on all nail shapes.

  1. Unique Pink Sunflower Design

This is a unique design of sunflower trend. Here the sunflowers are colored pink instead of classic yellow; two nails are colored pink while the other two are colored white with black polka dots. One nail is also designed with a pink sunflower. People will love this design, and it’s also very unique.