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Ever thought you could wear your little butterflies on your nails? Certainly, cute butterfly nails design are one of the most beautiful patterns, and it is also on-trend.

A huge number of designs can be created with this pattern, and celebrities also like such designs.

In this article, we have gathered 23 similar cute butterfly nail designs that will blow your mind, among these amazing patterns, find which one you like the most!

Butterfly Nails

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23 Cute Butterfly Nails Design

  1. Colorful Butterfly Nails:

The first one looks so stunning when painted on nails! Here are some of the nail art designs with a cute butterfly. You can hand-paint these butterflies by watching tutorials on YouTube. You can also recreate this design on your desired nail shape or length.

  1. Blue Butterfly Nails:

There are so many ways to give your nails an excellent look with butterflies. Sometimes, you can paint the full butterfly, or maybe wings, or even the pattern only. This design uses butterflies more intelligently. For this look, the nails must be nude, and on each one, there will be blue butterflies that should be hand-painted. One of your nails will have a full butterfly, while two of your nails will have the wings. When you put your nails together after completion, you get one stunning mani, which features one whole butterfly!

  1. French Ombre Butterfly Nails:

If you love ombre and are looking for a way to include butterflies, look no further! In this manicure, we have an astounding ombre pattern. To create this look, simply paint two of your nails in purple, light blue, or even pink colors, and they will have the adorable butterflies. This is the most subtle way to wear butterflies anyone has ever seen! You can use stickers to apply those butterflies on your nails.

  1. Purple Butterfly Nails with Clouds:

The next one is a happy and bright idea! The nails will have a great appearance and will be painted in a pastel purple shade. Ever heard of cloud art? Well, this nail art uses cloud art with butterflies! This design is suited for the summer and spring seasons. This manicure is sure to captivate people with its charm! You can buy butterfly nail stickers only and apply them to your nails for this art as well.

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  1. Bright Butterfly Nails Idea:

Next, we have this super fun idea for you to try out! All the nails will be matte and have varied colors. All of them will be adorned with a leopard print along with the vivid butterflies. This Butterfly Nails bright idea is so lovely, and it suits everyone!

  1. Nude and Bold Butterfly Art Designs:

If you like bold nail arts, then these are for you! The nails are long and nude, and on either hand, there are two nails that have the vivacious butterfly pattern. This is a statement-making manicure, and this effect is further accentuated by the use of colors! You can recreate this manicure in your own way, why not paint butterflies on every nail?

  1. Cute Butterfly Nails:

Up next, we have this nail art that features different versions of the butterflies. For this look, every nail will have a base, which is matte nude. Every nail will be adorned with two forms of butterflies, plus, two of your nails will also have a light-blue glittery shade! All these create such a magical and enchanting manicure. Needless to say, this manicure gives out a fun vibe! If you don’t know how to hand-paint such a design, you can always use stickers!

  1. Pink Butterfly Nails with Glitter:

Your search for a glamorous butterfly manicure might come to a halt now! To create this look, paint two of your nails in a bright pink shade, leave one in a glittery pink color, and the other one will feature the vibrant butterfly wing pattern. Make sure you paint the butterfly wings after creating the ombre/gradient. After that, use stencils or hand-paint the wing on the top. Paint white dots as a finisher. A dotting tool can be used to create the dots perfectly.

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  1. Dark Butterfly Nails with Purple:

All butterflies nail are not bright, and if you like less-bright nail arts, check this out. How about darker shades this time? For this look, all the nails will be matte along with black tips. The butterflies certainly add some glamour and create such an astounding look! If you want your look to be subtler, simply paint only the butterfly accent nail, or you can even choose a different color for the tip.

  1. Simple Butterfly Nail Art:

If you want to keep it simple and still look stylish, this one’s for you! The nails are light and short this time. Two of your nails will feature half wings, and when you put them together, you get one full butterfly. The butterfly design is not so complicated and has a black shade. This nail art requires you to hand-paint the butterfly.

  1. Nude and Rhinestones Butterflies:

Up next, this one’s a different shiny butterfly design. This time, rhinestones are added. Two nails together will be used to create one entire butterfly. But there’s a catch; the wings have different colors! Try out this manicure if you are looking for a fun and jolly manicure. Recreate this design by applying different shades.

  1. Bold Purple Butterfly Nails:

Who does not love bright nail shades? Here we are showing you long, purple nails. Also, we have an accent nail that has a purple shade and is clear, with embellishments such as stars and butterfly sequins! This manicure creates such a magical look!

  1. Butterflies and Clouds:

Next, the Butterflies and Clouds manicure is another of our favorites. Every nail will have a grey base, along with white clouds. The nails will be further adorned with vivid butterflies and shimmery rhinestones! You can use a thin brush to hand-paint this design. To save you from the trouble, there are butterfly nail stickers available! A manicure like this is statement-making, and creates such a trendy look! You don’t need to worry if you have shorter nails; this design looks equally stunning on them too!

  1. Clear Butterfly Nails:

The next nail art idea is another one for pink lovers. For this look, every nail is clear and light pink. While some of them contain rhinestones, others have butterflies! This is such a beautiful appearance to put on. Besides, bright nails are on-trend at present. Choose this Butterfly Nails clear for occasions such as weddings.

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  1. Pastel Blue Butterfly Nails Design:

If you don’t like the pink shade, you can always opt for a different shade! How about light blue? To get this look, all of your nails need to be long, and in a pastel blue shade. Two of your nails will be adorned with butterflies painted in dark blue, and the other two will be in a glittery silver shade. The design looks very stunning and gives out a springy vibe!

  1. Long Purple Butterfly Nails:

Next, we have another nail art that’ll look cool in spring! For this look, the long purple nails have two accent designs! For each accent nail, there are butterflies! This design allows you to choose your desired base color and shape too! It might be quite challenging to create, as the butterflies must be painted by hand. But there is a tutorial made by the artist; do check it out!

  1. Pink and Purple Nail Idea:

This next nail idea is much loved for its fun and vibrant look. Two of your nails will have a bright pink shade, one will have ombre purple, and the upcoming one will be a mixture of two with butterflies added! You can wear this design in summer as it contains vivid art!

  1. Trendy Butterfly Nails Art:

The next one is unique. All of the nails will be nude, with a blue butterfly pattern. The nails will either have a full butterfly or just parts of it, like the wing. The blue and nude look so gorgeous when put together. Butterflies like this can be hand-painted.

  1. Glitzy and Glam Butterfly Nails:

If you like flashy nail arts with rhinestones, consider checking this out. All the nails are squared shape and nude. Two of your nails will be decorated with golden rhinestones, and two will be black and white butterfly pattern! The gems will make you stand out in the crowd, and the butterflies just add more glamour!

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  1. Bold Manicure with Blue Butterflies:

Were you looking for an acrylic, clear design? The nails this time are very long, along with matte, and every nail is decorated with cute butterflies in light blue and dark colors. You can create this look without much effort and time. Try this design out, don’t forget to use butterfly stickers if you still don’t know how to hand paint them!

  1. French Mani with Butterflies:

You can spice up the French manicure by adding cute little butterflies. As a result, you get a manicure that looks absolutely stunning. The accent nails will have three butterflies each, and they look so gorgeous! You can wear this art anywhere, from work to weddings, you name it!

  1. Beautiful Butterfly Nail Art:

Next, here’s a nail art that’s our favorite. Every nail will contain its unique design, and when you put them together, it looks enchanting! For this look, golden rhinestones, purple colors, and butterfly sequins are used. You can opt to choose fewer designs.

  1. Long Nails with Pretty Butterflies:

The last one, but we can certainly say this will amaze you! These long almond-shaped nails that are nude. Two of your nails will have a blue and purple butterfly pattern. The butterflies jazz up the design and also complement the colors pretty well! This manicure is another example of an easy-to-wear manicure.