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Do you know that clear acrylic nails are on-trend right now?

Although the thought of clear nails creates a picture of something simple in our mind.

In reality, it has been converted into a more stylish way of painting your nails.

Clear nails look best with long nails, which can be further adorned with fashionable nail art.

In this article, we will show you 23 unique and dazzling, clear acrylic nails design.

We bet you will have found the best acrylic nail art designs to pair up with your outfit.

Clear Acrylic Nails

23 Clear Acrylic Nails Trends

1. Clear Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones:

 Clear Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

Who does not like sparkles, rhinestones, shards on their nails? In this nail art, we have featured mainly rhinestones that look excellent on clear acrylic nails. Do you like bling? Then it’s perfect for you. This gorgeous manicure is just as apt for ladies who like to keep it posh.

2. Flames Clear Acrylic Nails:

Flames Clear Acrylic Nails

This nail art features acrylic, clear nails in a fierier look! It creates a stunning look upon your nails. Plus, it is on-trend. You can try this nail art, experimenting with different nail shapes and colors.

3. Clear Butterfly Acrylic Nail Design:

Clear Butterfly Acrylic Nail Design

How about having cute little butterflies in your nails? This does not take much time and is super easy to do. All you have to do is paint some of your nails in purple shades and the rest two in clear nails with butterflies.

4. Floral Clear Acrylic Nails Design:

Floral Clear Acrylic Nails Design

Floral nail arts just match with any dress, right? Now, here we have floral nail art for acrylic, clear nails that would blow your mind. With a clear base, the floral design will look much better. Were you just looking for a summer nail art? If you were, you just found one.

5. Gold Foil Clear Nail Designs:

Gold Foil Clear Nail Designs

Up next, here is this amazingly beautiful nail art that features gold foil as a design. It also requires you to paint some of the nails in a pretty purple and pink ombre design and then designing the rest with silver and gold foil. You can also get creative and choose your colors.

6. Heart Shape Cute Clear Acrylic Nails:

Heart Shape Cute Clear Acrylic Nails

The next nail art is more of a cute and adorable type of nail art. To get this appearance, two nails have to be designed with pink hearts over a clear base, and the other nails will have to be an ombre design. Just from the description, you can tell how great it looks when paired up together. This can be your Valentine’s Day nail art, what say?

7. Clear Accent Nail Art Ideas:

Clear Accent Nail Art Ideas

If you are interested in the butterfly nail art that was discussed previously, you might as well like this design too. Here, are featured another way to wear butterflies! You just have to have one clear accent nail, and there will be the butterflies embellished upon it. This manicure looks enchanting, save it for prom!

8. Cute Orange Acrylic Nail Design:

Cute Orange Acrylic Nail Design

Looking for another nail art with gold foils? This is a manicure that features gold foils upon classy orange nail paint. Only two nails have to be clear with some gold foils added, and the other nails can have an ombre look.

9. Nude Nails with Clear Tips:

Nude Nails with Clear Tips

This is another nail art that features rhinestones, and that too, on coffin shaped nails. The nails will be nude and have clear tips. Pairing up the clear tips with a nude nail polish certainly creates a ravishing look, and it is also one way to demonstrate how acrylic nails are unique and stylish. You are free to choose your own colors to match with the tips.

10. Gold and Pink Clear Nail Art:

Gold and Pink Clear Nail Art

Want to look glamorous for an occasion? Then look no further, this gorgeous nail design will surely satisfy your needs. To do this, you have to create two accent nails that feature Louis Vuitton nail design. This nail art mainly looks beautiful because of the combination of clear acrylic with a more glittery pink design.

11. Rhinestones Clear Coffin Nails:

Rhinestones Clear Coffin Nails

Up next, here’s this manicure that features another rhinestone design. You just have to create two different patterns of rhinestone on two of your nails. Sounds simple? Yes, it is. But the look it creates is marvelous. The eye-catching design of the rhinestone is further accentuated with the use of clear nails.

12. Coffin Nails with Gold Foil:

Coffin Nails with Gold Foil

Looking for more nail arts with foils? Next, we have this nail design for clear nails that is well decorated with gold foils. The gold always looks wonderful with a clear base. You can try if for yourself with different colors, and even a variety of foils.

13. Out Of This World Manicure:

Out Of This World Manicure

The name of this manicure suggests it is something out of the box, right? It is such a simple look to create, and the result it produces is astonishing. Moons, stars, rhinestones are embellished upon clear, acrylic nails. This trendy design can be worn on an event, or perhaps a festival? Wondering where you can get these embellishments from? You can buy it online.

14. Cute Butterflies Pink Nails:

Cute Butterflies Pink Nails

Here’s another nail art with cute, tiny butterflies. Check this out if you liked the earlier one discussed above. To create this look, you have to paint some of your nails in a light pink shade, leaving the rest of your nails with butterflies and sparkles.

15. Clear Stiletto Nail Design:

Clear Stiletto Nail Design

The name suggests that this design is for Stiletto nails. Some of them are nude having clear tips, while some of them are chrome. Glitters and foils are added on the clear tips as well. The elegant and glamorous look of this nail art will surprise anyone, and be ready to get a lot of compliments from the people you’ll meet.

16. Elegant Clear Acrylic Nail Design:

Elegant Clear Acrylic Nail Design

Up next, here’s a nail art with a star design. To create this look, two of your nails have to be sparkly and clear. Plus, there are two nails with an ombre design. This adorable and pretty nail art is best suited in a festival or a family get-together.

17. Black Coffin Nails with Butterflies:

Black Coffin Nails with Butterflies

The Black Coffin Nails with Butterflies is a more dark and sophisticated look. A different design is featured, which includes gold rhinestones, gold foils, and a matte finish. Plus, a butterfly art! The combination of black and clear certainly looks astonishing, and it creates a classy look.

18. Glitzy Nail Idea:

Glitzy Nail Idea

Keep it stylish with this nail design. All of the nails in this nail art should be clear, and it also features different designs. Silver glitter ombre is painted on one nail, while the upcoming one is quite sparkly and clear decorated with rhinestones. Other nails must be clear featuring silver flames. Going to a party? Be sure to wear this nail art.

19. Clear Acrylic Nails with Ombre and Iridescent Shards:

Clear Acrylic Nails with Ombre and Iridescent Shards

Who does not like ombre nail arts? Here, iridescent shards are used upon clear nails while the others feature yellow and nude ombre. A single nail from each hand must be decorated with rhinestones. Feel free to choose your own colors for the ombre design.

20. Clear Nails with Silver Glitter:

Clear Nails with Silver Glitter

If you are looking for more sparkly nail art, then this is it. The Clear Nails with Silver Glitter nail art is all about ombre and silver glitter. Here, two of your nails will be embellished with silver glitter, while the rest of them can have an ombre look. It can also be a great choice for brides.Why not try this using a different color?

21. Clear Red Nail Design:

Clear Red Nail Design

The Clear Red Nail Design is something that you would like to wear on New Year’s Eve, or perhaps throughout the holidays. The unique design of it features coffin nails painted half red and half nude, with an accent nail containing small rhinestones.

22. Pink Colored Nails with Clear Tips and Different Shapes:

Pink Colored Nails with Clear Tips

Another nail art with an ombre look is this one. The color starts from pink and ends up in a nude shade, which is a trendsetter. The bright nails can be decorated with glitters and colorful shapes.

23. Chic Nails with Sparkle:

Chic Nails with Sparkle

The Chic Nails with Sparkle design looks fabulous on anyone. Half of your nails must be colored in pink, and the rest of the clear, there will also be a diagonal line that separates both colors. With the addition of silver foil and sparkle, it inevitably creates a chic look.