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Looking for beautiful and astonishing coffin nail designs?
Well, you have come to the right place. In this article right here, we have gathered 21 best coffin nail shape designs from around the net.
Here, you will discover many glamorous nail arts, some even quirky, rhinestone embellishments, and much more!
These coffin shaped nail designs are perfect for people who like to try something new every day.
Find out which one is your favorite from the list given below; also try them out on different occasions and with various dresses.
1. Cute Coffin Nails with Colorful Stars
Cute Coffin Nails with Colorful Stars
This nail art design is quite colorful and adorable. In this nail art, tiny stars in shiny colors are featured. 
What makes it lovelier is the matte black base. Try it for yourself and see how beautiful it looks on coffin shaped nails. 
The matte black accentuates the effect of the brightly colored stars. 
Recreate this design by using a matte black nail polish along with star stencils that are available online.
2. Elegant Butterfly Nails
Elegant Butterfly Nails
Another popular nail art idea is butterfly design. It’s evident why this is one of the most popular designs. 
Here, long coffin nails are featured in an innovative way. You just have to paint some of your nails in a neutral tone and some in white. 
Then add rhinestones to the neutral tones and the astounding butterfly wings on the white ones. 
The wings appear to be absolutely gorgeous when partnered with the white. 
You can always recreate this look with different colors and designs.
3. Colorful Long Coffin Nails
Long Coffin Nails
The gradient nail art is a must if you like different nail paints. A gradient simply means a color-changing to another. 
There are a vast number of ways on how you can create this look. 
The ombre effect can be applied, or you can even paint every nail in different shades that will make a fantastic color change. 
Here we have an example where pink changes to yellow. The gradient effect is evident.
Try this if you want a bright look. Feel free to recreate this in any way.
4. Light Pink Nails with Dark Pink Backs
Light Pink Nails with Dark Pink Backs
The next one we will talk about is an adorable and different design.
The nails back are painted in dark pink; instead, the coffin nails are painted with bright pink. 
Everyone loves the color change on the rear side of the nails for its unusual appearance and style. 
People with long nails can easily try this nail art because it would help to bring out the color on the backs.
5. Most Beautiful Coffin Nails
Beautiful Coffin Nails
Looking for more sparkly nail art? If you have coffin shaped nails, then it’s a plus.
For this look, embellishments such as rhinestones, gold tips, and 3D flowers are used. 
The color and the nail design go well with each other. 
This look can be recreated by having only one accent nail, which contains the embellishments. 
No matter how you do it, it surely will look gorgeous. Why don’t you save it for a special event?
6. Neon Coffin Nails
Neon Coffin Nails
Do bright, bold colors appeal to you? Then consider trying this manicure out. 
Leave the maximum of the nails in vibrant designs and only one in ombre. 
This looks voguish because many different arts are involved in here. 
The incredible play of colors is also noticeable here. This spectacular manicure can be worn in the summer more often. 
Various neon colors can be used to recreate this look.
7. Trendy Nail Art with Butterflies
Trendy Nail Art with Butterflies
If you are fond of pretty, chic nails – then this design is for you.
Every nail consists of different designs, for example, light purple nail with tiny crystals, butterfly nail art, dark purple color. 
These elements and colors join together and create an amazing manicure. 
People love butterfly nails because it reminds them of flowers. You can try 3D nail tutorials or paint it yourself or buy the butterfly stickers.
8. Sparkly Pink Nails
 Sparkly Pink Nails
If you are in love with the color pink, then make sure you try out this manicure.
The shades of the nails are light pink, also with a touch of the dark pink tone. 
This nail art also features little pink butterflies, which are what makes it super cute. 
Moreover, the nails are also decked up with shiny silver sparkles. This nail design looks exceptional on anyone who has coffin shaped nails.
9. Cute Heart Coffin Nails
Cute Heart Coffin Nails

Next on the list is an extremely lovable nail design, which just captures everyone’s heart.

It is mainly done on long coffin nails. 

The area surrounding the cuticle is designed with red rhinestone, and the tips are beautified with red glitters or heart, this design is symbolic for love and is highly popular during Valentine’s Day.

10. French Coffin Nails with Ombre Glitter
French Coffin Nails with Ombre Glitter
Up next, we have French nail art, which is further adorned with V tips and ombre design.
To do this, paint some of your nails in light pink while creating an ombre effect on the other nails. 
When the V tips and the glittery ombre are partnered up, they look extraordinary. 
Try painting the stripe in various colors if you are in the mood for some recreation.
11. Multi-Color Matte Nails
Multi-Color Matte Nails
Ever thought how you can try different colors on each nail?
In this nail art, bright matte shades are used upon coffin shaped nails.  But each shade is different! 
This is another nail art that can be recreated in so many ways. Don’t hesitate to try and make your own style with it. 
The gel colors shown here can be bought online.
12. Beautiful Pink Nail Designs for Coffin Nails
Pink Nail Designs for Coffin Nails

If you are a fan of pink, then sure you want to try another of the pink manicures.In this look, the nails have pink tips regardless of the color.

The tips are all different shades, which adds to love this look.

This mani is made for those who try to add a tint of color to their look.

You can try it out with a different color too, so why not try a purple one?

13. Coffin Nail Designs with Rhinestones
Coffin Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Here’s another simple coffin nail design that features the color pink.

In this nail art, a diagonal line is drawn on each light shade of pink on your nails.

The section of the diagonal must be painted in a sparkly pink color.  This nail art is easy to do and looks so good on anyone.

Recreate it in any way you desire.

14. Yellow Nail Designs Coffin Shape with Sunflowers
 Yellow Nail Designs Coffin Shape with Sunflowers

Another of our favorite looks is this adorable coffin nail.

The look consists of two accent nails on each hand, and the shade varies from nude to yellow ombre.

3D sunflower is used to embellish the accent nails! The color combination is charmed.

3D flowers can be bought online; also, it can be experimental with a different color.

15. Ombre Nail Design
Ombre Nail Design

Want a more ‘magical’ nail art? This nail art gives out a strong magical vibe.

It has a frosted look with some nails featuring pink ombre and the rest of the blue and pink ombre.

Shards are used to adorn each nail. Don’t you, too, think that it’s a unique look?

Get ready to stun everyone as you wear this for a family gathering!

16. Colorful Triangle Nail Art
Colorful Triangle Nail Art

If you liked the idea of the nail art, which featured a diagonal line, then you might like this nail art as well!

In this nail art idea, the nails have been painted in a nude color, and it also has the diagonal line!

A vibrant shade is used to paint the sections of the triangles. The nude color makes the bold ones stand out.

Try this out anytime if you want to look trendy.

17. Sparkly Ombre Nails
Sparkly Ombre Nails

Now we want to show you a glittery ombre look. The sparkly ombre with light pink coffin nails is a signature look to this design.

It is a very beautiful and gorgeous design. These nails are a specialty for parties and important events.

Colors like silver and gold could be thought of using in this design.

Also, you can rock this look when you’re enjoying outdoors or on holiday.

18. White and Nude Coffin Nail Designs
White and Nude Coffin Nail Designs

Next, we have another nail art that has white tips.

Modern art has been fused with the classic French, and the result we have obtained is absolutely astonishing.

Enhance the beauty of this nail art by adding rhinestones. You can put on this for any occurrence.

19. Fun Coffin Nail Idea
Fun Coffin Nail Idea

Are you attracted to cheerful, glittery, and vibrant nail arts? If yes, then we guess this nail art is specially made for you.

Every nail art contains unique designs which are based on rhinestones, ombre, and glitter.

This different and “straight from runaway” manicure is suited for everyone.

Long or short nails, anyone can try this out. You can renovate the entire look in your way.

20. Rainbow Coffin Style Nail Designs
Rainbow Coffin Style Nail Designs

Check these coffin nail art designs out if you love gradient nails.

How about a rainbow gradient on your nails?  Sounds fun, right?

One of your hands must have a pink-orange gradient and the next one blue-yellow.

Put your hands together to reveal the rainbow effect.

Move-in style with this vibrant nail art, and make yourself stand out. You can always recreate this look by adding more colors.

21. Unique and Bright Nail Art
Unique and Bright Nail Art

Lastly, we draw an end to this article by sharing this vivid and distinctive design.

Leave some of your nails in a cheerful pink shade, which also has yellow tips, while the rest of them possess more colorful coffin tip nail designs.

Although the accent nail might seem challenging to create at first, with some practice – you’ll be able to do this easily.