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Neon Orange Nails for Summer: Neon nail colors are another way to represent your bold and fun attitude.

Plus, it makes for a super trendy and stylish design.

In this article, we are going to feature neon orange nail ideas that are perfect for summer!

The color orange surely suits any color and design and complements them pretty well.

As it is partnered up with neon, it looks even more beautiful.

You need not worry; we have every type of nail art to suit your needs, from shiny and glamorous to classic and simple.

Continue reading if you want to find out which one’s best for you.

We bet you will find yourself baffled on which one to choose.

Orange Nails

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Neon Orange Nails 2020

  1. Neon Coffin Nails:

At first, we have neon colored coffin nail design. These long nails must be painted in matte orange color.

As you can see, the orange color looks stunning and goes with the season summer.

Also, the matte orange will look good on any nail shape.

Recreate this look by using a more glossy orange shade with a matte coat on the top.

  1. Rhinestones Trendy Nail Design:

The next nail design is all about rhinestones. If you love rhinestones, then why not check out this one?

You need to do just paint three nails in orange, one nail in the dark nude along with rhinestones and another in the dark nude alongside orange-colored v tips.

The v tips are a must in nail arts nowadays as they create such a trendy and stylish look.

Nail tapes can be used to make these tips, look for tutorials on YouTube.

You can paint tips on all your nails for a recreation.

  1. Cute Stiletto Nails:

This design is especially for you if you always love to make a statement with your nail arts.

In this nail design, sharp stiletto nails are featured. These nails start off with a nude shade and eventually turn into a vibrant neon-orange color.

Other neon-orange shades might also be used. Why not spice up this manicure with some rhinestones?

  1. Bright Neon Orange:

If you don’t like flashy nail arts and want to keep it simple, this one’s for you.

This design looks much simple compared to the others, yet it does not fail to catch people’s attention.

To get this, paint nails applying a matte neon-orange shade, leave one in chrome and another in a glittery orange shade.

The combination of these designs is absolutely astonishing!

An animal print for improvement of this nail art would be a nice idea too!

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  1. Snake Print Mani:

Show your love for animals with this nail art! In this nail art, we have a combo of snake print and neon orange!

Some nails have a matte orange shade, while others consist of a nude shade along with orange tips; some have the fashionable snakeskin art!

You can find snakeskin nail stickers online, and create this look for yourself at home.

  1. Bright Nail Design With Flames:

Looking for unique and jubilant nail art? There is a different nail art with different designs on each nail!

While some of the nails contain neon colors, others contain orange and some even flames!

This nail art will surely catch anyone’s attention in public.

To create this trendy nail art for yourself, you can buy nail stickers and stencils online.

Needless to say, this nail art screams summer!

  1. Orange Sparkling Rhinestones Nails:

This one is another nail art that utilizes rhinestones in a proper manner.

The nails will have an ombre design with a regular matte, but two nails will have rhinestones arranged in a row.

The rhinestones do ginger up any nail art, be it a simple one. Choose this nail art if you want your nails to look elegant and glamorous.

Look for rhinestones that go well with your nail size online. Use nail glue to stick them on your nails.

  1. Ombre and Glitter:

Up next, here’s another ombre nail art for you! But this time, the nails have a nude shade along with a bright neon-orange color.

Plus, there’s an accent nail that has a glittery ombre design.

This nail art will be perfect for a night out, or even a party.

You can also wear this for a wedding event.

  1. Simple and Stylish Nail Idea:

This nail art is a much simpler one. To create this look, just paint the nails in a matte neon orange shade.

This one for the people who don’t like jazzy neon nail paints. It also looks so fashionable on short nails.

Recreate this look by applying it on different nail lengths. This nail art is sure to suit anyone!

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  1. Neon Glitter Tips:

The Neon Glitter Tips nail art is loved by so many people for its neon-orange tip! We usually see the classic French tips or v tips.

But this time, we have this unique neon-orange tip. The curved tips seem to follow the nails!

Two of your nails will be nude, and they will have stylish neon tips.

Create this design by simply using nail tapes or stencils. Feel free to use any neon-orange color.

  1. Nude and Orange Ombre Nails:

If you like neon-orange ombre, then this one’s for you. This manicure is all about coffin nails.

The coffin-shaped nails have the neon-orange ombre pattern.

This is a clear example of how the ombre pattern looks so different and vivid when used on different nail lengths.

This nail art looks amazing on any nail length, and it surely creates a statement.

  1. Glam Orange Nails With Gold Foil:

Next, we have another glamorous nail art for you.

For this look, you have to paint two of your nails in an ombre pattern; the other two will have a clear watercolor effect along with chic gold foils.

The neon and gold definitely make the whole look glamorous and stunning.

You can buy gold foils online and use them to create this look for yourself.

  1. Pastel Neon Orange:

Neon orange has many different shades. And the next one is a favorite of ours! Pastel neon orange shade is used this time!

The bold neon does not nullify the effect of the pastel shade, as you can see.

Needless to say, this many are perfect for seasons such as summer and spring.

The pastel orange nail shade can be bought online.

  1. Beautiful Matte Orange Nails:

The next one right here is so stunning that it makes anyone fall in love with it instantly!

Long nails are featured in this nail art, which has a matte neon-orange shade.

This shade is much loved for its darker version of the neon-orange look.

You can deduce from the description that this nail art is very easy to wear.

You can also omit the rhinestones for a much simpler look.

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  1. Short Neon Orange Nails:

Up next, we have nail art for short nails.

For this look, two of your nails on both hands need to have a silver glitter color, which adds a sparkly effect.

The nails also have a neon-orange shade!

You need not worry if you have longer nails, you can recreate it with ease on any nail length, and it will still look amazing!

  1. Stylish Orange Nails with a Clear Accent Nail:

The next idea is one of our favorites! Here, we have coffin nails that are painted in a matte neon-orange shade.

The whole look also has an accent nail, which is clear, along with the trendy white and gold pattern.

Whenever you pair clear nails with neon, you get a stylish manicure almost every time.

This nail art screams summer and simultaneously looks so fabulous!

You can recreate this nail art in any way you like.

  1. Bold Orange Nails with Rhinestones:

Bold nail art lovers, this one’s for you! In this nail art, we have rhinestones as embellishments upon large neon ombre nails.

The dark nude shade goes so well with the neon orange color, and it creates such an astonishing combination!

Moreover, the rhinestones are there to make a statement.

The products used in this nail art are – Bodacious and Victoria’s Collection #6 and Valentino Beauty Pure#110

  1. Sparkly Neon Nails:

If you love sparkly nail arts, then consider checking this out!

This nail art is mainly based on coffin nails, which are adorned with sparkly neon shades.

A few nails have one block color, and some have the ombre pattern.

The use of 3 neon colors in this nail art looks so gorgeous, and they complement each other perfectly!

This manicure will be perfect for summer, as it has that tropical appearance.

  1. Trendy Neon Orange Mani:

There was a similar nail art idea discussed above, if you liked the use of neon tips, then why not try this one out?

To create this look, you have to paint two nails in neon, and the rest of them will have a nude shade along with the tips.

The tip shapes are different, and it creates such a trendy look.

You can recreate this look by using the nude and neon tip pattern on all of your nails.

  1. Matte Neon Orange Nails:

This one is another simple nail art but looks dazzlingly gorgeous.

Again coffin-shaped nails are featured, and this time they have vibrant shades of neon-orange.

This bright orange nails are partnered up with a darker color, such as black and orange nails.

This light orange nails are very bright and striking, but it does not take much time to create.

  1. Orange, Glitter, and Rhinestones:

The last nail art idea consists of so many things! From stylish tips to rhinestones, it basically has every element that a nail needs to look absolutely fantastic.

This manicure is based on trendy tips with the neon orange shade, which also have glitter and rhinestone. If you do like bold nail arts, then try this one.

It looks like you have found another nail art for the summer season too!