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What comes into your mind when the word “Thanksgiving” comes up? Celebration, delicious food?

Well, we think about season nail arts, and we can’t stop ourselves from sharing these amazing thanksgiving nail art ideas with you.

Looking for the perfect nail art for Thanksgiving?
Of course, there are a huge number of easy thanksgiving nail art designs available all over the net, and we have collected the best of them for your convenience. 
Have a look at these 21 attractive Thanksgiving nail art images that will surely put you in the holiday spirit.

21 Images of Thanksgiving Nail Art

1. Pink Nails and Colorful Turkey
Pink Nails and Colorful Turkey
How about a more girly manicure? This lovely nail design even has a colorful turkey drawn upon it! Plus, it will make sure that you have a bright day.
2. Pumpkins and Glitter Nails
Pumpkins and Glitter Nails
Let’s get a sparkly nail art by painting a single nail with gold glitter; the accent nail can convert the simplicity of your nail art into something astonishing.
3. Turkey Accent Thanksgiving Nails
Turkey Accent Thanksgiving Nails
Are you a beginner in this nail art world? Fear not, you can also give your nails an incredibly festive look with this nail art. It is easy and does not consume much time. Also, it is one of the most adorable turkey nail arts available.
4. Turkey Tutorial Thanksgiving Nails
Turkey Tutorial Thanksgiving Nails
Painting a turkey on your nails seems like a lot of work, right? What if we say it’s much simpler? With this tutorial, you will finish painting a cute little turkey in no time, cheers!
5. Candy Corn Ombre Nail Design
Candy Corn Ombre Nail Design
One thing you will love about this design is its use of color. It keeps you on-trend from Halloween to Thanksgiving.
6. Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Although this nail art may need some experience to create, it will surely be the center of attention in the Thanksgiving table. Also, it is just as apt for people who are not interested in pumpkins, turkeys, and feathers.
7. Ombré Sequin Fade
Ombré Sequin Fade

How about another adorable sparkly design. The Drip Drop Nail paint certainly has brought autumn into our nails, right?

8. Cute Pumpkin Nils
Cute Pumpkin Nils
One most suitable design for Thanksgiving can be pumpkins, and with the nude base color, it becomes more real. You can use a matte topcoat as a finishing touch.
9. Black and Gold Thanksgiving Nail Designs
Black and Gold Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Black and Gold look stunning together, don’t they? This nail art is mainly based on having a floral accent nail with a gold and black glitter design. Why don’t you partner it up with a cocktail dress?

10. Gold Leaves and Studs
Gold Leaves and Studs
This beautiful fall manicure is not the traditional nail art you are looking for; rather, it is based on having a dark purple color with gold falling leaves and studs embellished upon it.
11. Light Brown Lovely Nails
Light Brown lovely Nails
And here’s another turkey and feathers nail art for you to try. All you have to do is paint a turkey and feathers over your accent nail. You can always make the design fancier by adding a micro-glitter polish coat.
12. Fall Waterfall Nails
Fall Waterfall Nails

This design is based on a mixture of different fall nail shades, browns-reds, you name it. Start by a nude base coat, after it has dried, paint strokes of your desired shades. To do this, you’ll need a detail nail art brush. The look can be accentuated with gold glitter.

13. Candy Corn Polka Dot Gradient
The Candy Corn Polka Dot Gradient nail art is another perfect design for beginners. A vivid combination of yellow, orange and white polka dots are featured here. Moreover, it gets much easier with a dotting toolset!
14. Pumpkin Accent Nail
Pumpkin Accent Nail
Welcome, Pumpkin lovers! This nail art is basically the thing you are looking for. While the bright orange color gives out a really positive vibe, it also becomes the “traditional” fall nail art. Wondering what the dark nude base is?
15. Brown Nails and Glitter Fade
Brown Nails and Glitter Fade
Ever thought of pairing dark brown with colorful glitter? This makes for the flawless autumn nail art. Just use the dark brown as a base and the bright glitter as a topcoat. It does resemble the falling of leaves in the autumn.
16. Polka Dot and Chevron Design
Polka Dot and Chevron Design
Get your nails a chic look with this nail design. The fall colors and the bold patterns are presented here in such a unique way that everyone will fall in love with this nail art.
17. Dark Red and Gold Glitter Design
Dark Red and Gold Glitter Design

The combination of fall leaves and dark shades keeps up with the trend in this fall season. The blending of dark red and gold glitter creates a beautiful look. The products are – OPI “In the Cable-Car Pool Lane,” and “My Favorite Ornament.”

18. Pumpkin Thanksgiving Colors

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Colors
Look no further if you want a nail design for the last minute, this simple but lovable design does not take much time and effort to do. Cheers!
19. Orange Glitter Nails and Turkey Accent Nail
Orange Glitter Nails and Turkey Accent Nail
As mentioned before, painting a turkey may need a lot of time and effort, along with some painting skills, but the result would blow your mind! Now it’s even more alluring with the Orange glitter! GlossNSparkle “Sweet Charity” has been used as the orange shade.
20. Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nails
Pumpkin Thanksgiving Nails
Pumpkin nails do make us comfortable. Plus, the fusion of these lovely fall colors is also noticeable.
21. Polka Dot Thanksgiving Nails
Polka Dot Thanksgiving Nails
Who does not love Polka dot designs? This appealing nail art can get you a lot of compliments, and the best news is – it works on any nail length!