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This post will cover about 16 nail disorders and diseases sign that shows your health condition. Currently, nails are mostly considered as an artistic part of our bodies. Actually, it is calculated that the nail polish market will be reached up to $15.55 billion by 2024 worldwide. But, it proves that your nails may not only be a platform of modern design but also may be a reflection of your common health condition. The below mentioned 16 nail disorders and diseases sign would show your health condition.


Nail Disorders and Diseases


Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign:

Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Colors:
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Colors
1. In most circumstances, yellow nails point out fungal infectivity. If you don’t treat them in time, the situation may make something worse. Eventually, your nails may get a greenish color and become flaky. Other nail yellowing causes may be aging, and lung problems occurred by smoking, and regular usage of low-quality acrylic nails.
2. Terry’s nails or white nails with a pink stripe at the top can be a symptom of diabetes, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and some liver issues, for example, hepatitis or cirrhosis. Occasionally Terry’s nails may also be happened by aging.
3. If your nails become pale, you most likely have a lack of nutrition or a blood circulation trouble that stops the blood from reaching your fingertips. In a severe stage, this may even cause anemia or iron lacking in your blood.
4. Dark red nails may signify that you are with a heart ailment. If the redness spreads to the nails and cuticle, it turns into an indication of an autoimmune infection called lupus.
5. Purple or Bluish nails generally indicate that your body doesn’t get the required oxygen. Among other possible symptoms are heart trouble and lung issues, for example, bronchitis and emphysema.
6. Other colors of your nails may be a symptom of different health troubles such as, if your nails become brown, this may show that you have a thyroid infection or nutritional problems. Grey colored nails are most commonly caused by taking some medicines like ant malarial pills.
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Texture:
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Texture
7. Weak, crack nails are generally related to gland disease, a condition at what time your thyroid works very slowly. Dry and brittle nails also may show the lack of vitamins A, C, and vitamin B7. One more possible reason for this nail problem is due to using too much nail polish remover.
8. Vertical ridges are typically a typical mark of aging, just like creases on your face. But if they become more noticeable at an early age, this means you are suffering from the lack of vitamin B12 or magnesium.
9. Beau’s lines or Horizontal ridges are usually the consequence of trauma to your nail. But, if you see them on more than one nail at once, they may also be an indication of a severe disorder with a high fever, for example, pneumonia or scarlet fever.
10. Nail pitting may sign of skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It may also be the first sign of connective tissue disorders as well as inflammatory arthritis- a type of disease that involves joint pain.
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Growth:
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Growth
11. Koilonychias or Spoon’s nails mean your nails look like a spoon with higher ridges, and a scooped out depression may be an indication of bronzed diabetes – a type of illness that happens if your body produces excessive iron. They’re also linked with the lack of iron, heart disease, anemia, and poor blood flow.
12. Nail clubbing looks like your fingertips become puffy, and your nails become bent down. This type of nail growth can indicate low oxygen passes in your blood that is typically happened by lung disease. Clubbing can also be linked to kidney or liver disease, heart troubles, colitis, and AIDS.
13. Nails that are isolated from their beds commonly show thyrotoxicosis, a disorder when your thyroid gland is releasing excessive hormones inside your body. Loose nails can also indicate skin disorder, fungal infection, poor blood flow or amyloidosis, or an excess volume of the protein amyloid in your tissues and organs.
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Other Features:
Nail Disorders and Diseases Sign in Other Features
14. Dark vertical lines spreading from the cuticle to the tip of your nail may indicate a subungual melanoma- a kind of risky skin cancer. If you don’t feel any pain in your nails, it will be better to go to the doctor immediately.
15. Most of us think that Mees’ lines or white stripes mean the lack of calcium, that’s not really true. Those white stains on your nails typically show an imbalanced diet of protein deficiency. Moreover, they may look as if after an event of poisoning with heavy metals due to kidney failure.
16. Red, bloated skin about your nail commonly shows that pain of the nail fold. If the irritation goes with swelling, this could be happened due to a poison called paronychia. Other reasons for the reddish nail fold consist of connective tissue disorders, especially lupus disease.
How to Make Nail Diseases and Disorders Remedy at Home:
  • 4 ounces of vitamin E oil
  • 4 ounces of jojoba oil
  • 3 ounces of avocado oil
  • 2 ounces of sweet almond oil
  • 2 ounces of grapeseed oil
Method of Preparation:
  • Mix them properly and keep in a nail polish bottle.
  • Use this solution to the full cuticle part and massage it about the skin of your nails. Then rub the extra oil into your hands look like a hand lotion. 
  • Continue this process as regularly as you wish, especially after touching water,
This nail disorders home remedy will keep hydrate your nails and cuticle. Your nails will become much better in health and softer.
The information mentioned above 16 nail disorders and diseases sign are due to the informative purpose only. Therefore if you’ve seen any of these changes in your nails, consult your doctor first to discover the actual need treatment.