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How often do you wonder about nail designs? Surely, they make you look gorgeous and attractive. Probably, you are lazy enough to innovate new nail art designs for yourself, and it seems you don’t need to anymore. In this article, we have covered approximately 15 simple nail designs that are enough to make your nails look strikingly amazing.

Nail Designs

15 Cute Nail Designs


1. The Loofah Looking Nail Art Design:

Loofah Nail Art Design
Ever thought you could give your nail a unique look using a loofah? It can be used to give a two-tone look. Firstly, choose your desired nail paint color. Once they are dry, you can use loofah over them; also, you can select a variety of color on it that suits you the best. Using a loofah will create a crisscross pattern on your nails, making it more appealing.

2. Crescent Moon Cute Nail Designs:

Crescent Moon Cute Nail Designs
The name describes itself, and yes, this is among the easiest one of nail paints. Choose a color to use as a base, e.g., Black. Then draw a curved line to create an outline that resembles a crescent. Choose a color which would be appropriate to fill in the blank area, for example – white (As the base is Black). You can also apply a top coat as a finishing touch.

3) Matte with a Pinch of Eye Shadow Nail Designs:

Eye Shadow Nail Designs
To do this, you need Matte nail polish, and glossy eye shadow. Apply Matte nail polish, then wait for it to dry. After that, mix it up with the eye shadow. This newly made nail paint can be used for a second coat.

4) Polka Dots Nail Designs:

Polka Dots nail designs
Polka Dots can be a fantastic way to design your nails with. Polka Dots can be drawn upon base nail paints; it can be of different colors so that it gives your nail a unique look. A regular paintbrush can be used to create these beautiful polka dots upon your nails.

5) Bobby Pinning Nail Art is great!

Bobby Pinning Nail art designs
Bobby Pinning is also an effective way of making Polka Dots. The round part at the very end of it can be used to create polka dots, and it does not even consume a hefty amount of time.

6) Some Striping Tape Nail Designs:

Striping Tape Nail Designs
A zig-zag design can be made on your nails using scotch tapes. Paint your nails with your desired color and wait for it to dry up completely. After that, place tape in whatever design you prefer, then paint over the tape and the nail with a different color. While it is still wet, pull off the tape to ensure a sleek and sharp look.

7) Diagonal Nail Art Design:

Diagonal Nail Art Design
Looking for typical and flawless nail art? Well, the Diagonal Nail Art can be the one you are looking for. First, give all your nails a base coat. After it has dried, place a scotch tape diagonally on your nail, and ensure that they are sticked well with the nail. Then, take off the tape carefully; otherwise, it might not be a clean line.

8) Sponge Gradient Nail Designs:

Sponge Gradient Nail Designs
At first, you have to apply a clear, base coat. Then, you have to apply nail polish colors to a sponge. After you are done, try to press the sponge gently into your nails.

9) Pantone Nail Designs:

Pantone Nail Designs
One stylish and elegant way of designing your nail is giving it a “Pantone Look.” Basically, you use a marker or anything to write or draw on your nails after giving it a base coat of nail paint.

10) Graffiti Nail Art:

Graffiti Nail Art
The Graffiti Nail Art is easy, as well as a beautiful representation of colors on your nails. You simply apply colors to your nails randomly and in an un-methodical manner. Later, it turns into a beautiful combination of a variety of colors.

11) Glitz and Glam Nail Art Design:

Glitz and Glam Nail Art Design
Glitz and Glam basically refer to applying glitter at a specific corner of your nail, over a base coat. This can give your nails a rather astounding look, and it also takes very less time.

12) Simple Dot Adorable Chic Nail Art Designs:

Dot Adorable Chic Nail Art Designs
This design is usually applied on transparent nail paint or random nude shades. Also, if you are short in time, and you need to get decked up within seconds, this could be the best choice.

13) Thick Strip Shaded:

Thick Strip Shaded
This design requires you to use your creativity and draw any shape that seems attractive. Also, this consumes very less time. In a hurry? Use this method.

14) Triangles Tucked Nail Designs:

Triangles Tucked Nail Designs
Are your nails short? If yes, then you need not worry. This way of painting nails is absolutely startling. To do this, you need to apply a transparent nail polish firstly, as a base. Then, you simply draw triangles in bright colors.

15) Ruffian Nail Art Design:

Ruffian Nail Art Design
Don’t like putting much effort into painting nails? Well, Ruffian Nail Art could be perfect for you. Two different shades of polishes are required. Apply the first coat and wait for it to dry, and then try to paint the nail with the other shade at different regions which is already painted.