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Nails can disclose some things about your overall health conditions— like, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, etc. This post will cover 10 crazy nail hacks to make Your manicure easier.

Therefore, logically, a good manicure makes a good sense of people about you, revealing them how well you manage yourself. And these activities, you can do at home, spending a short time and money.

10 Crazy Nail Hacks

How to Remove Nail Polish within 5 Minutes?

nail hacks
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If you would like to remove harsh nail polish (like gel or glitter nail polish), take some tiny cotton balls, soak them into nail polish remover and put onto the nail for 5 minutes.

To get the best result, cover the nails using cotton in aluminum foil and leave them to sit. This is one of the best nail polish remover hacks ever.
Cut Your Nail Designs by Clear Band-Aid:
Cut Your Nail Designs by Clear Band-Aid
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Sticker designs are great to repair your nails looking; however, the most commonly come on one sheet, and we become puzzled on how to cut the correct form for your nail base. First of all, apply scotch tape, draw the outline of your nail, and apply it to cut out the right volume.

Apply a Peel-Off Base:
Peel-Off Base to remove nail polish

One of the best ways to remove a harsh nail polish of our times is a peel-off base. You will be able to remove the harsh chemicals of the nail bed using a file as a part of your manicure procedure.

Use Dotting Tools as a Crazy Nail Hacks:

Use Dotting Tools as a Crazy Nail Hacks
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If you need a dotting tool immediately, don’t think about spending money, take a pencil with a rubber top, and pierce it using a pin for your perfect manicure.

Use Acrylic Nail Hacks for the Design:
Nail designs using nail polish are great, but not everyone was born a Michelangelo. Also, the nail designs using nail polish makes it tough to work with. Therefore to stop those troubles, make a base out of nail polish, try to design on drawing acrylic paints — and then cover it up through a topcoat and — hurrah!
Try to Make a Nail Bath at-Home:
Make a Nail Bath at-Home

If your nails require some taking care of, you can make a nail bath at home:

Remove the Nail Polish;
Make a warm nail bath using these ingredients, for example, one cup of warm water, lemon wedges, and two teaspoons of sugar, a half tablespoon of coconut oil, and a half tablespoon of baking soda.
This bath will nourish and moisturize your nails. Use a dry cloth after drying the nails and then coat with using your favorite nail polish.
Apply Aquaphor to Avoid Spots:
Aquaphor to Avoid Spots
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Let’s think you removed nail latex, and your nail is not ready to use nail polish. , take Aquaphor, wrap the finger about the nail through it, and cover. Then rub off the Aquaphor with the “overflow” of the polish.

Make a Versatile Nail Polish Box:
Nail Polish Box
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If you have a vast collection of nail polishes, you most likely will want to split them by color and appearance. For this reason, you can purchase tiny stickers and color them with the polish in the bottle, then place the label on top of the cover.

Try not using a Hairdryer to Dry Nail Polish:
Hairdryer to Dry Nail Polish

Try not using a hairdryer to dry your nails. It may make bubbles and spoil your manicure. Alternatively, try to use a cold water bath as your nail drying hacks.

Control Your Nail Polish in Consistency:
Control Your Nail Polish in Consistency

With time some nail polishes become too much uncontrollable, liquid, or too much thick. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve: close the bottle and put it either in warm or cold water. After some minutes, you are eligible to go.